• 12 Jurors Seated For Watson Trial

12 Jurors Seated For Watson Trial

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 11 — After six days of questioning, prosecution and defense attorneys have settled on a jury of six men and six women to try Charles “Tex” Watson in the killings two years ago of actress Sharon Tate and six others.

The jury was seated Tuesday and selection of four alternate jurors is expected to take another day. The court may be recessed until Monday before attorneys make their opening arguments.

Watson has pleaded innocent and innocent by reason of insanity. He was fighting extradition from Texas when Charles Manson and three women were convicted and sentenced to death for the 1969 murders.

In another trial involving the so-called “Manson family,” a lithe former Wisconsin librarian who once told a jury how a musician was smothered by members of Charles Manson’s hippie-type clan says now it was all a lie.

“My testimony consisted of lies I had to tell to keep myself out of jail,” said Mary Brunner 27.

Miss Brunner, a member of the Manson “family,” was the state’s key witness at the trial last year of Robert Beausoleil, convicted and sentenced to death in the killing of Gary Hinman. She was granted immunity from prosecution in exchange for her testimony.

But Tuesday she testified to a jury trying Manson in the Hinman staying that she had lied and she denied being at Hinman’s home when he was murdered.

Miss Brunner said she had fulfilled her commitment to the district attorney’s office by testifying at the Beausoleil trial.

She had been indicted on a murder charge in the Hinman killing.

Manson was not present for Miss Brunner’s testimony. Superior Court Judge Raymond Choate ejected him from the courtroom after he threatened the prosecutor.

Miss Brunner was formerly a librarian at Wisconsin State University at Eau Claire.

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