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Glasses may be clue in Sharon Tate case

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 24 – Police have disclosed that the person who killed actress Sharon Tate and four others last August dropped a pair of spectacles indicating he was nearsighted. They believe this may lead to capture of the killer.

Myopic Man Tate Slayer?

Los Angeles, Oct. 23 – There is only one suspect in the mass killings of actress Sharon Tate and four others. He is believed to be an extremely near-sighted man, and the Los Angeles police have found his eyeglasses, the

Police Report New Evidence In Tate Case

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 19 – Homicide investigators have uncovered evidence they believe could lead to solution of the two-month old Sharon Tate murder case, assistant Police Chief Robert Houghton had revealed today, but he would not say what it is.

New evidence in Sharon Tate case

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 18 — Police say they have new evidence in the two-month-old search for the killers of Sharon Tate and four other persons. “If this particular piece of evidence can be traced, it will point us in the

Diane, Abigail, Sharon Linked in Death

HOLLYWOOD, Oct. 10 – The lieutenant of detectives sighed: “Yes, Diane Linkletter knew Abigail Folger, and probably was an acquaintance of Sharon Tate.” He added that Ed Durston — the young man who was with Miss Linkletter when she jumped

Panel Rules More Than One Killer in Sharon Tate Case

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 20 – More than one person was involved in the still unsolved murders of actress Sharon Tate and four others last month, says a coroner’s panel of psychiatrists and psychologists. The panel also said it thinks drugs

Two Suspects Questioned In Star’s Death

NEW YORK, Sept. 6 — Two Californians arrested here on arms and drug charges also are being investigated as possible suspects in the killing of actress Sharon Tate and four others in Bel Air, Calif., last month. Police said the

Tate murders (five) continue to baffle police one month later

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 8 — It was so messy a murder. Five bodies. Footprints in pools of blood. A nylon rope. A neighbor who heard screams and shots. The word “Pig” scrawled in blood on a door. Ties to narcotics.

Youth Hits Tate Case Link

DAYTON, Ohio, Sept. 8 – William Garretson, the Lancaster, Ohio, youth who was jailed briefly after the bizarre mass murder near Hollywood last month, said he was so far removed from the activity at the Roman Polanski mansion that he

Hunting Fund

LONDON, Sept. 4 – British actor Peter Sellers announced Wednesday he and some friends are offering a $25,000 reward for information leading to conviction of the killer of actress Sharon Tate. Miss Tate, wife of movie director Roman Polanski, was

Police have no suspects, motive or weapon in Tate case killings

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 3 — Police have no suspects, no motive and no murder weapon in the killings of actress Sharon Tate and four other persons at her estate. And inspector Robert A. Houghton, chief of detectives, conceded during a

‘No Comment’ Brings Tate Murder News Up to Date

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 3 – Sprinkling their briefing liberally with “no comment”, Los Angeles Police Tuesday attempted to update news media on the investigation into the Aug. 8-9 murder of actress Sharon Tate, three of her jet-set friends and an

Five Slayings Still Unsolved, Chief Reports

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 3 — It’s been 26 days since actress Sharon Tate and four others were found slain but there’s still no sign of a suspect, murder weapons or motive, Police Chief Edward M. Davis said Tuesday. Davis and

Did Sharon Tate Have a Premonition?

HOLLYWOOD, Sept. 2 – It was just a creepy story, when Sharon Tate told it to me early in 1966. But now, three years and five murders later, it has acquired something more than creepiness. She was a starlet then.

Sharon a ‘comer’ 30 long months

HOLLYWOOD, Aug. 31 — Publicity men relish nothing so much as a rags-to-riches theme and seldom overlook a chance to tie a client into the story of “instant stardom” or Cinderella-like adventures — such as being discovered (as in Lana

Men Linked In Tate Case Questioned

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 31 – Los Angeles Police had said yesterday that all four of the men wanted for questioning in connection with the Tate murders have been interviewed. The men, including two Canadians, once were described in a Royal

Polanskis Were at Center of Rootless Way of Life

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 30 – A beautiful actress. A hair stylist who was a Hollywood socialite. A Polish émigré. A wealthy young Radcliffe graduate. Four lives whose twisted paths crossed on the night of Aug. 8. They – along with

A Tragic Trip to the House on the Hill

After a harrowing tour of his house, Director Roman Polanski sits on the bloodied porch, beside door where the killer scrawled “PIG” in blood. Now it was quiet, and the Sunday afternoon washed by the August sun. The police had

Tate, Others Killed By Paranoid – Capote

NEW YORK, Aug 28 – Author Truman Capote, whose book “In Cold Blood” detailed a savage multiple-murder in rural Kansas, suggests that “a very young, enraged paranoid” was responsible for the recent slayings of Sharon Tate and four others in

Tate Neighbor Heard Shots, Screams in Murder House About 2 in Morning

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 27 – The slaughter of actress Sharon Tate and four others at her secluded Benedict Canyon home took place at “2 or 2:30 – no earlier,” a neighbor who heard the shots and the screams of one