Cyclist Tells of Manson ‘Kill Order’

LOS ANGELES, Apr. 7 – The “Straight Satans” motorcycle gang leader testified Monday that he was told Charles Manson, accused in the Sharon Tate murders, ordered the slaying of a musician knifed to death in his home last July.

Daniel T. (Danny) De Carlo appeared at the trial of Robert Beausoleil, 21, for the murder of 34-year-old Gary Hinman, with whom Manson lived for a time.

De Carlo, a short, dark man with a mustache, said that Beausoleil, whom he knew as “Bobby,” told him Manson ordered Hinman killed after the musician refused to give them $20,000 believed hidden in he house.

Five persons at the Tate estate and a wealthy grocer and his wife were killed three weeks after Hinman’s death.

De Carlo said Beausoleil related the details of Hinman’s death to him in a conversation at the Spahn Ranch, an abandoned western movie lot where Manson and his hippie cult were living.

Beausoleil told him, De Carlo said, that he went to Hinman’s Topanga Canyon home with two girls named “Sadie” and “Mary” to “con him out of some money.” De Carlo identified “Sadie” as Susan Atkins, who is a defendant in the Tate murders, and “Mary” as another member of the “family,” Mary Brunner.

“Gary didn’t have the money…so they just beat him to pieces,” De Carlo said.

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