• Friends of Slain Sharon Tate Offer Reward of $25,000



Friends of Slain Sharon Tate Offer Reward of $25,000

Sept. 4 – Friends of murdered actress Sharon Tate offered a $25,000 reward Wednesday for information about the crime in which she died.

Posting of the reward was announced in London by actor Peter Sellers. He said he and several friends would contribute to the reward.

Sellers discussed such a project with friends of Miss Tate and her husband, director Roman Polanski, when he was in Los Angeles last month. Sellers was among those who attended Miss Tate’s funeral.

“Someone must have knowledge or suspicions they are withholding, or may be afraid to reveal,” Sellers said in a press statement.

“Someone must have seen the blood-soaked clothing, the knife, the gun, the getaway car. Someone must be able to help.”

Polanski’s attorney, Wallace P. Wolf of Beverly Hills, said that any information is to be submitted in writing to a Los Angeles post office box. Any information obtained will be turned over to the Los Angeles Police Department, Wolf said.

Payment of the reward will be made on arrest and conviction of the killer or killers, Wolf said. The information is to be sent to Post Office Box 60048, Terminal Annex, Los Angeles 90060, he said.

Actors Warren Beatty and Yul Brynner were identified as two of the friends who joined Sellers in contributing toward the sum offered. Wolf said he believed Polanski himself also contributed.

Detectives have interviewed more than 300 persons since the murders early Aug. 9 of Miss Tate and four companions at the Polanski-Tate estate in Benedict Canyon. The only person arrested in the case was William F. Garretson, 19, caretaker at the home, who was later freed.

Another reward in the case was offered earlier by a Woodland Hills woman who describes herself as an amateur detective.

In a classified advertisement printed in The Times, she offered $200 “to anyone who can prove that they picked up a hitchhiker on or about Aug. 9 in vicinity of 10050 Cielo Drive.”

The woman, who asked her identity not be disclosed, said she is interested in the case and hopes to clarify young Garretson’s account of having hitchhiked from the Polanski-Tate home at 10050 Cielo Drive to Sunset Blvd, and back the night of the murders.

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