• Get Jail For Trying To Take LSD To Manson

Get Jail For Trying To Take LSD To Manson

LOS ANGELES, May. 2 — A young woman who allegedly tried to smuggle LSD to condemned murdered Charles Manson has been sentenced to a 60-day jail term.

Superior Court Judge George M. Dell sentenced 19-year-old Nancy Pitman, also known as Brenda McCann, on a conviction of possession of dangerous drugs.

Miss Pitman, a member of Manson’s nomadic hippie-like cult, was arrested last December after two balloons allegedly were found in her purse while she was being searched prior to a visit with Manson at the Hall of Justice. He has been jailed there since shortly before the Tate-LaBianca trial began last June.

Sheriff’s deputies claimed the young woman swallowed one of the balloons and they seized the other, which chemical analysis disclosed was filled with LSD.

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