• Patricia Krenwinkel Rearrested



Patricia Krenwinkel Rearrested

MOBILE, Ala., Dec. 5 – Mobile police rearrested Patricia Krenwinkel, a suspect in the Sharon Tate murders, within minutes today after her original arrest was ruled invalid.

Circuit court Judge Joseph M. Hocklander gave police only 30 minutes to rearrest the brown-haired California native after he ruled shortly before noon that she had been arrested on an improper warrant Monday.

Police Capt. Don M. Riddle rushed the suspect to a docking room where he charged her with being a fugitive from justice in a warrant issued in California.

Miss Krenwinkel was then taken to municipal court, where she was arraigned by Judge Herndon Wilson and ordered held for California authorities.

The judge stipulated that the suspect would be freed if extradition proceeedings were not initiated within 14 days.

Her attorney, M. A. Marsal, argued at a habeas corpus hearing Thursday that his client was arrested on a city street before a warrant was ever issued in California.

Capt. Riddle testified that the arrest was made on the basis of a telephone call from a Los Angeles police sergeant who said the Krenwinkel woman was wanted on five counts of murder.

Riddle also admitted that Miss Krenwinkel spent two days in city jail before the arrest warrant from California arrived in Mobile.

Riddle carefully read the new fugitive warrant to Miss Krenwinkel as he booked her at Mobile Police Station. Hocklander gave defense attorneys 24 hours to challenge the validity of the new warrant.

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