• Texan Charged In Murders May Ask Psychiatric Exam



Texan Charged In Murders May Ask Psychiatric Exam

McKINNEY, Tex., Dec. 4 – Charles D. Watson’s lawyer indicated Wednesday that he will ask psychiatric examination for the bearded former football player, who is charged in one of the California murders at the home of actress Sharon Tate.

“I personally have some serious doubts about his mental state,” said the lawyer, Bill Boyd of McKinney.

Boyd, a former district and county attorney, also said his client will fight extradition. Two Los Angeles detectives who had come here to take him into custody then started back home.

Watson, 24, surrendered Sunday on learning California authorities held a warrant for his arrest. He is charged with murder in the slaying of Steven Parent, a caretaker who was killed along with Miss Tate and three other persons last Aug. 9.

The prisoner is from Copeville, a village 15 miles cast of here in North Texas.

Refusal to waive extradition could mean Watson might remain in jail here as long as two months while authorities process legal papers and a hearing is arranged.

Boyd is the only person who has talked to Watson since he was jailed.

He said the 6-foot-2 former athlete now is “about 30 pounds lighter (than when Watson lived at Copeville) and looks very, very different. I wouldn’t have recognized him.”

The lawyer added, “He seemed detached — not concerned about anything. I was very surprised.”

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  1. Michael j. Nate says:

    I dont know how you keep a key figure like Watson out of the trial of the century when he participated in all seven of the Tate Labianca murders.

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