Younger To Testify In Tate Case

LOS ANGELES, Mar. 6 — Atty. Gen. Evelle Younger, former Los Angeles district attorney, whose name has been mentioned frequently in the Tate-LaBianca trial, will appear as a witness next week it was learned Friday.

Younger will appear in L.A. Superior Court voluntarily. He is scheduled to testify regarding “a deal” made between the district attorney’s office and Susan Atkins, one of the defendants in the trial.

However, defense attorneys are also expected to question him concerning a violation of publicity gag orders imposed early in the case.

Younger’s appearance was announced on the heels of testimony by a former deputy district attorney about the agreement made between the prosecution and Miss Atkins.

Attorney Richard Caballero, former attorney for Miss Atkins and a former member of Younger’s staff, told the court Friday that the prosecution promised it would not seek the death penalty for his client if she testified truthfully regarding the murders before a county grand jury.

He said Miss Atkins, he feels, has kept her part of the bargain. The prosecution, however, is seeking the death penalty for not only Miss Atkins, but the other three defendants, Charles Manson, Leslie Van Houten and Patricia Krenwinkel.

Caballero also testified that he made an arrangement with the district attorney’s office that he could enter a plea of insanity for his client at any time during the trial.

He said that Miss Atkins fired him as her attorney because he wanted to have her examined by a psychiatrist and she disagreed


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