Child of Satan, Child of God by Susan Atkins with Bob Slosser

Child of Satan, Child of God

By Susan Atkins with Bob Slosser

Child Of Satan, Child Of God is the autobiography of convicted killer turned born-again Christian Susan Atkins. From the beginning, it’s apparent Susan fails to find happiness in anything she does. Her constant need to fill a void within herself, seems to lead her down every wrong turn in life, culminating with the murders and her being ostracized by the family after her confessions. This book is interesting because it is a first hand account, but it leaves many questions unanswered.

Book Description: “Someone spoke my name. It was a strong voice, a man’s voice. ‘Susan Atkins.’ Mrs. Barstow – my Sunday school teacher – moved my arm toward the aisle, and with her other hand gave me a gentle shove forward. I looked at the front of the church sanctuary….”

People stretched and turned to see the tiny figure walking nervously down the aisle, the one who had received the greatest number of gold stars for her Sunday school lessons.

Who ever thought that that little girl would one day devoutly follow a self-styled savior named Charles Manson and eventually be convicted of murdering seven persons?

Child of Satan, Child of God is the powerful story of Susan’s life: from Sunday school to multiple murder; from satanic worship to “born-again” Christianity.

Having donated her complete share of proceeds from this book to “New Life,” a nonprofit ministry for girls in trouble, Susan is living proof that God meets repentance with forgiveness and is able to transform even death row convicts into the likeness of His own children.

Pages: 306

Publisher: Menelorelin Dorenay’s Publishing (December 15, 2011)

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16 Responses to Child of Satan, Child of God by Susan Atkins with Bob Slosser

  1. Lori says:

    Susie’s account of how she came to be in prison. Of course, she portrays herself as the victim, and pretty much blows smoke up the reader’s butthole.

  2. Scott Coulson says:

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  3. Serena says:

    I just can’t bring myself too believe anything she says , she is a wackjob after all thats why i dont get into autobiographys because you could be reading lies the whole time and i know she is gonna make herself sound like the victim , i’ve never one seen her in any video show remorse or guilt for what she did , so clearly if it says she is sorry in the book its just a lie ..

  4. Fred Bloggs says:

    Long before my own born again experience, I was fascinated by Susan Atkins {indeed, the whole ‘Family’/Tate~LaBianca/60s schtick}. I actually didn’t even know she was following Christ until I myself had been for a number of years. It was about 15 years after hearing about this book that I came across it purely by chance and the owners of the book gave it to me as no one was interested in some unknown {to the UK} American murderess.
    It’s a problematic book for me, though, especially when put alongside “Helter Skelter” and “The myth of Helter Skelter.”
    Of all the guilty members involved in these crimes, with the exception of Bobby Beausoleil, Susan Atkins lived out the meaning of the word “inconsistent.” She rarely came across as believable, not because there was no credence in what she said at any given time {her obvious and later admitted lies notwithstanding}, but because what she said changed so much so often.
    One other problem with the book is when it was written ~ as an immature believer in Christ that had not sorted through some of the realities that come with such a life change.
    That all said, it’s definitely more than worth reading. Unlike Serena from 2013, I love autobiographies because whether self serving or not, you get the closest explanation of a person which gives you a window into not only who they are or were, but why they were the way they were /are.
    I did find many gaps in Atkins’ tale but it certainly is better than only having stuff like “Helter skelter”, “The garbage people” and “The Killing of Sharon Tate” to provide the lasting memories of this troubled woman’s time on the earth. And if nothing else, it provides a huge step on the road to showing how wrong Prosecutor Bugliosi ended up being about her in his final words about her in “Helter Skelter.”

  5. Unclegilly says:

    And which God are you a child of ? you misguided psychopathic cow ?

  6. Fayez Abedaziz says:

    Actually, Susan has not changed what she has always said: she did kill Sharon Tate.
    That is a fact and Tex Watson has said that she is not the killer.
    That is the most important part of the whole scene, so what’s the problem?
    She has shown remorse and… is she supposed to say that she is sorry for killing Sharon when…she did not?
    Susan and Leslie Van Houten have both expressed regret and remorse so many times, just what do the haters want?
    No matter what Susan and Leslie have said and done in prison, it is ‘damned if you do damned if you don’t.’
    They both should have been paroled after no more than 18 years, as so many ‘lifers’ have been.
    Susan proved her sincerity during all those years in prison.
    And, I happen to have liked her in Chatsworth, in ’69 and I still like her.
    Still, I say to you all, have a nice day, and I mean that.

    • Law and Order says:

      Hey groupie, this was a sick psychopath who never took full responsibility for all she did. She minimized her roles and made it everyone else’s fault. I saw her video interview in 76. She acts like she hesitated to kill. She had already killed the fellow Hinman. she got the gas chamber. Did she deserve it? Yea, if anyone deserved the death penalty Manson family murders did. It sickening how you faun over these killers. You’re a disturbed person who needs serious psych care.

  7. Fayez Abedaziz says:

    Hi, it was pointed out to me that I had not put the word ‘not’ before Susan’s name at the end of the first line. That line should read: she did not kill Sharon.
    Sorry, and thanks.

  8. Fred Bloggs says:

    Law and Order says:
    She had already killed the fellow Hinman

    You need to get your facts right. She did not actually kill Gary Hinman. On this very site are about 5 or 6 parole hearing transcripts plus the transcript of the first trial of the person that did actually kill Gary ~ Bobby Beausoleil. She was convicted of his murder as was Bruce Davis who wasn’t even there when it happened.

  9. Fayez Abedaziz says:

    The statement of facts concerning Susan and Leslie, by me, does not excuse them as I have stated on some sites dealing with the Manson situations.
    They were both part of the crimes, Susan at the Tate house and Leslie at the La Bianca one.
    They were accomplices to murders.
    They received sentences for murders and should serve time, and if not say, 20 years, then I have no problem with thirty years.
    Susan did not attack Voytek and did not attack Sharon Tate. Tex yelled out to Susan to “kill him” meaning Voytek. Susan did not move to do that. Voytek struggled to move from the sofa and away and he and Susan struggled as he tried to get away. Later, Tex and Patricia come back from the front yard after killing Voytek and Abigail and they yell to Susan, (at least Tex did for sure, he has admitted that) “kill her.” Susan made no move to attack Sharon. I am not defending the four that were at the Tate house, nor am I defending Leslie at the La Bianca house. I simply think that they should have gotten paroled, Susan and Leslie that is, just as a couple thousand lifers did that served 20 or less years than the girls.
    It was my meeting Susan a month before the August murders (see and that’s the main reason I got interested in the whole ‘Manson Family.’ Things happen in life and for me, it is what it is. I’ll be glad to answer any question about my views and opinions. Thanks
    To say things like, you know, I’m a fan or something about those that committed these crimes is hardly true.

  10. Jason says:

    Fred you are in big denial. Susan Atkins put a pillow over Gary Hinman’s head so yes she was involved with his murder. You need to get your facts right! And Bruce Davis was there when Manson cut off Hinman’s ear.

  11. Fred Bloggs says:

    Jason says:
    Fred you are in big denial. Susan Atkins put a pillow over Gary Hinman’s head so yes she was involved with his murder. You need to get your facts right! And Bruce Davis was there when Manson cut off Hinman’s ear

    Firstly, I did not say she wasn’t involved with the murder. I said she didn’t actively murder him. Subtle difference between legal guilt and actually doing the killing.
    Yes, she held a pillow over Hinman’s face ~ but check the autopsy; that is not what killed him. Bobby Beausoleil killed him. He admits it. He’s done so for over 40 years. No denial there.
    Bruce Davis may have been there when Manson sliced Gary {he didn’t cut his ear off ~ get your facts right} but that didn’t kill Gary either ~ although it might have had Bobby not done the deed.

    • Jason says:

      Fred, Just because somebody didn’t actually kill the person doesn’t minimized there involvement any. Fact is they were all there. Pure and simple. That’s the same thing as taking a life. They were all culpable in some way, shape, or form!

  12. Tom says:

    This book is worthless – like Atkins herself. Susan Atkins was a sociopath and a liar. She changed her story so many times it was sickening. She was a weak person who refused to take responsibility for her actions and, as is perfectly in keeping with her self-serving nature, she bacame a “born-again” Christian in prison. LOL. That monster went from admitting, even boasting, of how she participated in the murders including stabbing Voytek Frykowski, holding Abigail Folger at knife-point and stabbing Sharon Tate, and in her own words kept stabbing Sharon until she stopped screaming. Then when she was in the reality of prison paying for her crimes, suddenly she claims to not have done any of that. If the horrible thing had lived longer eventually she would have arrived at the story that she was not even present at the murders. Atkins was a monster.

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