Will You Die For Me? by Tex Watson as told to Chaplain Ray

Will You Die For Me?

By Tex Watson as told to Chaplain Ray

Charles “Tex” Watson’s Will You Die For Me? is the story of a young man who moved to California, became a drug/wig dealer, joined a cult, murdered 8 people, then went to prison and found Jesus. It’s an interesting first hand account, but definitely filled with mixed messages. I strongly suspect that Watson isn’t revealing the whole story and that this book was written to gain sympathy and redirect blame.

Pages: 223

Publisher: Fleming H. Revell Company; 1st edition (1978)

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11 Responses to Will You Die For Me? by Tex Watson as told to Chaplain Ray

  1. Lori says:

    TEX is a pathological liar, and it totally comes through in this book. I think he got off while writing it. He is a true serial killer, and I do not think TLB were his only victims. You never know in this book when he was lying, and when he wasn’t. He coldly describes how ST was screaming/crying for her mother while he, and that other pickle-shaped-headed b*tch stabbed poor ST. He totally describes the murders like he is getting off on retelling it! Creepy!!!

  2. Ace says:

    I didn’t get the impression he enjoyed writing/telling this story, but I did feel he was hiding something still. Pushes the blame too much on Manson…takes very little accountability beyond his excessive drug use…

  3. Fred Bloggs says:

    Lori says:

    TEX is a pathological liar……You never know in this book when he was lying, and when he wasn’t

    If you don’t know when he was lying and when he wasn’t then how can it make sense to conclude he’s a liar ?
    Reminds me of a great little riddle; if someone tells you they never tell the truth, do you believe them ?

  4. Fred Bloggs says:

    Lori says:

    He coldly describes how ST was screaming/crying for her mother while he, and that other pickle-shaped-headed b*tch stabbed poor ST

    Actually, he never says Atkins stabbed Sharon Tate. What he actually says is “Later, Prosecutor Bugliosi {because of some things Susan-Sadie bragged about in jail in one of her attempts to get attention} was convinced that it was she who killed Sharon Tate, but his suspicion was not true. It was my hand that struck out, over and over….
    Facts are funny things but often more reliable in terms of accuracy than emotions……..

    • Dan says:

      THANK YOU! finally a comment written by someone not blinded by the media perceptions. Most people who boast their opinions aren’t properly educated on the matter, they just read one article and take it as fact. To truly understand something it needs to be looked at from every angle; everyone’s perception. People who write all the girls off as evil simply for an act they performed under brainwashed conditions 40 years ago are repulsive. All these people hopping on the bandwagon signing petitions to deny Leslie parole, and those who refused Susan’s parole when she was on her death bed. What harm could she really have done? She couldn’t get out of bed… People just like to totally disassociate themselves from those who commit such crimes, because they seem to think that under the same conditions they would have prevailed and resisted. Unable to admit that they could be controlled and manipulated into a crime such as murder. So they’re written up as monsters and locked away for the rest of their lives. What good does that really do to society? Keeping them in prison is a complete waste of tax payers money while they could be productive members of society

    • Law and Order says:

      What facts? Charles and Susan went back and forth about what happened to ST. That’s what sociopaths do. They duck, dodge, misdirect and laugh the whole time inside.

  5. Fayez Abedaziz says:

    Well, Susan did not say that she attacked Sharon.
    That sort of accusation was and is, from a woman that was in jail with her at Sybil and
    from a quoted ‘member’ of the Spahn place, and from so many articles that have that as if it was fact.
    How was Susan to say “I’m sorry for killing Sharon,” when she didn’t?
    Tex told the truth.
    Look at the forensic and other material evidence: the knife Susan had was a buck knife, and the terrible stabbings on Sharon were not made with such a knife.
    Susan was indeed guilty of crimes, but to say what didn’t happen, well, how’s that gonna be a true study of the case.
    I’m not making excuses for her or for Leslie and so, still, I’ll say:
    no…they were not evil or monsters.

    • Star Blazers says:

      Yes, they were monsters. Your opinion is crazy.

      • Law and Order says:

        the killer groupie fawns over these killers like they’re such great people. Sick individual there is help out there. When cases like these happen many unhinged people idolize the killers as larger than life and sensational. Perhaps they see their own lives as mundane. Who knows. There is help though for people with these strong delusions

  6. Fred Bloggs says:

    They were certainly monstrous in their thoughts and actions in 1969.
    But the fact that Atkins helped save the life of a fellow inmate that had slit her wrists and could have bled to death demonstrates that she had gone through some changes.

    • Law and Order says:

      So some acts of kindness warranted her release prior to 2009? Insane, Sociopaths know how to blend in. Who knows what role she was playing? Sincere or not only God knows.

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