Manson Behind The Scenes by Bill Nelson

Manson Behind The Scenes

By Bill Nelson

Author Bill Nelson probably knows more about the Manson case than anyone. His second book, Manson Behind The Scenes, unearths loads of information about various people connected to the case. The information is very unique, but the methods used to uncover it are disturbing.

Pages: 400

Publisher: Pen Power Publications

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2 Responses to Manson Behind The Scenes by Bill Nelson

  1. Joey Rucinski says:

    Just finished Sharon Tate and the Manson Murders by Greg King and was blown away at the accounts from all that came into contact with both the murderers and the victims family’s.All I’ve ever really read was Helter Skelter so to have some of the confessions of Family Members and the Victims family’s after the trial.I heard about Mr. Nelson in the book and that lead me here.

  2. Jason.L. says:

    Over twenty years ago a letter from Bill Nelson arrived at my parents house outside Boston.Apparently Nelson purged a Chatsworth listing of residents and/or voters from 1969. I rented a small bunk camp from a neighbor of George Spahn whom my Dad knew in WW2. I was a 15 minute walk from Spahn and used a payphone near the coral almost daily from Feb-June 1969. I lived in So.Fla. and he contacted me using ‘Sunshine Laws’. I used mailboxes all my life and called Nelson in Anaheim. I told him i knew George and that i bought fake ID from Davis. Nelson was creepy.He knew I bought a car in Chatsworth. I never talked or saw Manson and just gave rides to some of the girls till George told. me otherwise. Yeah Nelson is a Bible fanatic I hope his asbestos suit is holding up.

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