Sharon Tate and the Manson Murders by Greg King

Sharon Tate and the Manson Murders

By Greg King

For years the public has been bombarded by books about the Manson family and their crimes, few of these books have even attempted to tell the stories of their victims. Greg King’s Sharon Tate and the Manson Murders is quite simply cut from a different cloth. Through interviews and research, King retells the brief life of Sharon Tate so well it hurts to turn the page knowing the eventual end. An essential book!

Book Description: In this biography of Sharon Tate, Greg King recreates the story of Tate’s career, her marriage to Polanski, and her relationships with Hollywood’s most famous names. King also brings to vivid life the complete account of the tate murders, describes the lengthy search for the killers. and includes previousl unpublished police and detective reports, trail transcripts and letters from Charles Manson to “squeaky Fromme.” More importantly, this is the first book to focus on the victims of the Manson murders. As such, it brings a fresh perspective to the murder story that created a media frenzy foreshadowing what occurs with alarming regularity today.

Pages: 368

Publisher: Barricade Books; First Edition ~1st Printing edition (May 1, 2000)

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4 Responses to Sharon Tate and the Manson Murders by Greg King

  1. Donna says:

    Outside of “Helter Skelter,” THIS is the book to read about those horrible crimes. I love the way King starts with Sharon, bringing the reader up to the night of her murder, and then starts with those freaks – bringing everything together into the ending we all know about.

    He humanized Sharon in a way that few other people could.

    Now I’m looking forward to the books about the “other” victims. I would love to know more about who they were.

    • Carol G. says:

      I agree about the other victims. Very little has ever been mentioned regarding the other’s who suffered the same fate as Sharon. Aside from the fact that she was 8 months pregnant; the other victim’s lives were just as important to their loved ones.

  2. Chas Gregory says:

    The public needs to know that when the Manson killers went to Sharon Tate’s house that night, they thought that Terry Melcher might still be living there. Manson was told that Melcher & Candace Bergen had moved, but he thought they might be telling a lie so that he (Manson) would stop going by the house to talk to Melcher. It wasn’t until the day after the murders that he knew for sure that Melcher had moved. WHY didn’t Melcher and Candace Bergen warn Sharon Tate that some really hideous characters kept coming to the house bothering them? That might have kept Sharon and Roman from renting the house!

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