My Life With Charles Manson by Paul Watkins with Guillermo Soledad

My Life With Charles Manson

By Paul Watkins with Guillermo Soledad

Paul Watkins – Manson’s second in-command – offers a detailed account of his life within the family. The book takes the reader straight to Spahn Ranch in time to experience the Magical Mystery Tour, and then on to the preparations for the dreaded “Helter Skelter”. The story eventually builds up to a showdown in Death Valley, where an old miner reclaims the souls of a few Manson followers, including Watkins. The book is currently out of print, and used copies can sell in the hundreds, but the first-hand accounts revealed within the book make it a must read for anyone wanting to catch a glimpse inside life in the Manson family.

Book Description: Once, CharlesManson’s #2 man, Paul Watkins, believed in the Family and trusted Manson with his life. That was before the Tate/LaBianca murders, before the bizarre warning signals that “He1ter Ske1ter was coming down.” Now in My Life With Charles Manson,he recalls with chilling, hour-by-hour detail how he came to join the Family and how, from the beginning, they were programmed – by sex, drugs and music – to kill and die for a man who would as easily have cut their throats. He describes the “creepy crawly nights,” which were rehearsals for murder…and Manson’s richly embroidered ceremonial vest which depicted scenes of Family life and was woven partly in human hair…My Life With Charles Manson is a story of violence against body,mind and soul – perhaps the most shocking story ever told.

Pages: 278

Publisher: Bantam Books (1979)

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2 Responses to My Life With Charles Manson by Paul Watkins with Guillermo Soledad

  1. Lori says:

    VERY interesting book! PW really lets the reader know how the experience was living at Spahn’s before the crimes. Description of all the girls, and lots of juicy details about sex!! A must read for any Manson-obsessed individual!

  2. Fayez Abedaziz says:

    Well, I read ‘brother’ Paul’s book and it seems to be an honest attempt at telling it as it is.
    Unfortunately though, like Linda, another witness against the ‘family,’ he did not, when he could have, inform the law about the crimes of August, then the murder of poor Donald Shea, later that month.
    Paul knew of those crimes.
    He went from a loyal Charlie follower, and such a good, close friend of the gang, to testifying against them.
    And that testimony was after the goof was still hanging around the girls at the courthouse, showing his support.
    He, like Linda, could have called the law before the arrests at Barker in October.
    two months go by and they did no such thing.
    Then, why, aren’t they such good guys, heroes…
    No, these two, like De Carlo and a few others in the ‘family’ were simply of a shallow, ‘junky’ character.

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