The Manson File

Myth and Reality of an Outlaw Shaman

By Nikolas Schreck

About the Author

Nikolas Schreck

American writer, musician, film-maker, and spiritual teacher whose work focuses on magic, mysticism, mythology and the macabre. Schreck is married to Zeena Schreck (Formerly LaVey) the daughter of the founder of the Church of Satan, Anton Lavey

Together with his wife he founded the Sethian Liberation Movement and wrote books about sex magic, portrayal of Satan in cinema and Charles Manson.

He is also the founder of the gothic-industrial band Radio Werewolf, which was active from 1984 to 1992

BOOK DESCRIPTION: Summing up 25 years of Nikolas Schreck's research into the Charles Manson phenomenon, this Book of Revelations illuminates unknown dimensions of Manson as philosopher, musician, Gnostic mystic, Mafia fall guy, revolutionary, and friend, lover and drug dealer to 1960s Hollywood's best-known rock stars and movie idols.

The first comprehensive study of Manson's life, times, crimes, and thought, this is the ultimate guide to the Manson mysteries, portraying the human being behind the media-created monster's many masks.

Drawing on police evidence suppressed during Manson's trial, Schreck exposes the "Helter Skelter" legend as one of the twentieth century's greatest cover-ups, unveils the hidden Mafia drug-dealing background of the "Manson murders" and traces the underworld connections linking the victims to their killers. The author's recent conversations with Manson and others directly involved in the psychedelic era's apocalypse allow the true story kept secret for decades to be told at last.

Since its publication, The Manson File - Myth And Reality Of An Outlaw Shaman has inspired a grassroots movement known as "Helter Skeptic" which aims to spread public awareness of the book to dismantle the "Helter Skelter" theory argued by prosecuting attorney Vincent Bugliosi.


"The work accomplished by Schreck is titanic...complicated ins and outs of the case presented here in so logical and irrefutable a manner. And when you immerse yourself in the narration of facts, it becomes impossible to deny them. The Manson File is a spider web designed to trap any flies of lies that have gathered in the last forty years...Each character, each story has its own rationale, and even if we can get lost in this labyrinth of truths, and the characters' names get tangled, everything becomes clear in the end, and the puzzle is reconstructed...proves entirely credible in these pages and sends shivers down your spine...And the strength of this book is that it manages to establish these connections between these different figures as distant by their rank as their spatiotemporal situation, without falling into the lowest kind of grotesque sensationalism. And once the big picture is put together, the evidence is shown all too clearly to the reader...The Manson File's luxurious "Apocalypse Edition" comes like a breath of fresh air, and most importantly, a door to a truth ... This detailed study, which is never content with a simple surface survey, or a simple research work on materials already available, scrapes tirelessly into the deepest reaches of Hollywood's second Golden Age...Read The Manson File..."

- Metal Impact

"We predict The Manson File - Myth And Reality Of An Outlaw Shaman by Nikolas Schreck will eventually be the 'Tate-LaBianca book'"

- Brian Davis, Star Radio