• ‘Manson Speaks: Inside the Mind of a Madman,’ Sunday Dec. 3

‘Manson Speaks: Inside the Mind of a Madman,’ Sunday Dec. 3

Friday, December 1st, 2017

Dec. 1 – The two-part special “Manson Speaks: Inside the Mind of a Madman” presents a new theory on Charles Manson’s motives that does not align with the “Helter Skelter” theory he was prosecuted under; brings forth eye witnesses who are speaking publicly about Manson for the first time; and makes contact with the only convicted Manson Family killer who is currently out of prison and living under a pseudonym.The special also examines 26 hours of exclusive never-before-broadcast phone conversations with Manson that may change the scope of his crimes, almost five decades later.

Cliff Shepard, a retired cold case and robbery-homicide detective with the Los Angeles Police Department who is responsible for catching some of LA’s most dangerous serial killers – has been haunted by the Manson murders his entire career. Convinced that Manson’s crimes extend beyond the nine murders for which he was convicted, Shepard, alongside researcher Charlie Cook, has launched his own investigation to uncover the truth.

Key to Shepard’s efforts is unparalleled access to 26 hours of never-before-broadcast audio recordings of Manson and confidant-turned-author Marlin Marynick. Marynick recorded his phone calls with Manson over roughly 10 years, and in these conversations, Manson speaks cryptically about Sharon Tate and others. Detective Shepard scours the calls for new evidence as he also investigates two other deaths – the gruesome murder of a 19-year-old girl and a mysterious suicide – that he believes may be connected to the Manson Family.

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6 Responses to ‘Manson Speaks: Inside the Mind of a Madman,’ Sunday Dec. 3

  1. William Flynn says:

    Has anyone ever put Bobby Bousile together with Jay Sebring
    In a movie called Mondo Hollywood both acted in that 60s movie
    Never heard of anyone put that together read the credits for f that movie
    Bobby bousile also in The Ramfodder world th other Manson group

  2. William Flynn says:


  3. Louis says:

    This “Manson Speaks” bit is a bunch of crap. The Reelz docu is so much better.

  4. Louise says:

    Louis, the Manson Speaks doc sucked, but why is the reelz doc so much better?

  5. Big Mouth says:

    Well anyone who has ever taken the time out to read everything they can about the murders knows full well that the Helter Skelter thing was a crock of sh^^. Vincent B. sensationalized these murders in a courtroom and the judge let it go on. No one wanted to or wants to hear that they did not get a fair trial because the murders were so heinous. They just wanted them dead and that was it. But, then when the Death Penalty was overturned for a few years you know most of them that participated in that 3-ring circus shi* themselves because they knew it would all come out eventually. And I fully believe their side of it, It made complete sense. Not like Bugliosi’s Helter Skelter bull sh**. It all started with Charlie thinking he murdered a Black Panther or something like that. Then Bobby’s dumbass riding around with car of a murder victim that had evidence in it. Then it all escalated from there. But as I said the whole country wanted these so-called Monsters dead and did not care to even hear their story. Even Nixon was ringing in on it. Doing something we would believe Trump would do before Nixon. He publicly declared Charles Manson guilty before the trial was complete. If the President wants him dead you know all of Nixon’s peeps blindly followed suit. I have seen this same thing happen in the Casey Anthony Trial.

    No one wants to believe what really happened. They want her dead too because of the way she acted after that poor baby drowned, I mean look how she just tossed her away like trash, It was the State of Florida’s fault that they overcharged her because they allowed her case to become sensationalized in the media before the trial. They were so determined to convict her to Death that they never believed that they may have a jury that would actually do their job. If they had given them other charges to convict her on like Manslaughter or something like that she would have at least been in jail for quite a few years instead of being out running free. Even though these cases have two different endings the same things happened. Americas Mob Mentality kicks in full force when a heinous crime happens and the Media takes over and incites the anger in each of us until we want vengeance, not Justice.

  6. Susan W. says:

    There’s a Beatles song called “Helter skelter”. manson decided they were communicating to him via that song. He also decided they had secretly told him in that song via codes to start a race war by doing what he did. When it didnt work with the Tate killings he decided to try again by killing the La Bianca’s. You are one of those “sort of people” that believes the manson killings were 1. Not mansons fault or never even happened and 2. You also believe the holocaust was a lie!. Thar IS what ive read on the net. Now, if YOU’D read a little you would learn something useful to put on the internet rather than making yourself look stupid.

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