• ’70’s Cultist is Arrested

’70’s Cultist is Arrested

LOUDON, N.H., Jun. 23 – More than 200 people were arrested during the weekend at motorcycle races, including former Charles Manson cult member Linda Kasabian, who was charged with indecent exposure, police said.

Authorities said the first arrest of the weekend was Linda Christian, 32, of Nashua, known as Linda Kasabian in the 1970s when she was a member of the Charles Manson cult in California.

Manson and four others were convicted of the 1969 slaying of actress Sharon Tate and two others. Kasabian went along with the Tate foray but stayed out of the house where the murder occurred. She later turned state’s evidence.

She was arrested in Laconia for indecent exposure. Police charged she bared her chest at the streams of motorcyclists passing along Lakeside Avenue on their way to Weirs Beach.

Police released no official estimates of the crowds at the 59th annual Loudon Classic, but Laconia Police Lt. David Murray said clogged highways and massive gatherings of cyclists around New Hampshire’s Lakes Region indicated that as many people were at this year’s races as in the past when 40,000 motorcycle fans from all over the nation have attended.

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  1. James says:

    Glad I wasn’t there to see that!

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