• Another Manson Family Member Gets Life Term



Another Manson Family Member Gets Life Term

LOS ANGELES, Mar. 23 – A Manson family woman was sentenced to 10 years to life in prison Thursday for raiding a surplus store to get guns to free Charles Manson.

The judge who imposed sentence called Catherine “Gypsy” Share, 30, “a vicious human being who has declared war on society” and “needs to be incarcerated for the longest period possible” because it would take a miracle to change her attitude to society.

She and three other Manson followers were convicted of robbing a Covina beer distributing firm and trying to hold up a Hawthorne surplus store.

Kenneth Como was sentenced Wednesday to 15 years to life and Mary Brunner, 29, to 20 years to life. The remaining defendant, Lawrence Bailey, 23, was expected to be sentenced today.

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