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Manson Prosecutor Discounts Parole Idea

COLUMBIA, Mo., Apr. 8 – Vincent Bugliosi, prosecutor in the Charles Manson murder trial, smiled out at the large crowd assembled in the University’s Jesse Auditorium. “This is really a good crowd,” he said. “I think some of you thought […]

‘Manson’ Film Producer Slain

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 27 – Producer-director Laurence Merrick, maker of the film “Manson,” was shot to death Wednesday at his Hollywood film school, police said. His unidentified slayer, described as a young man in his 20s, escaped after the noontime […]

Leslie Van Houten Retrial to Stay in L.A., Judge Rules

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 20 – The retrial of former Charles Manson follower Leslie Van Houten will stay in Los Angeles, a judge here ruled today after both defense and prosecution attorneys agreed that the entire state was “saturated” with publicity […]

Woman in Manson Family Arrested

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 18 — A member of the Charles Manson family was arrested Monday at her home in Petaluma on a charge of sending two threatening letters through the mail. Patricia Maureen Gillum, also known as Misty Hay, was […]

Deputy D.A.’s a Bit of TV’s Columbo, With Just a Dash of Perry Mason

Nov. 14 – In stature and appearance (dark, wavy hair) there is a suggestion of television’s insouciant detective Columbo (Peter Falk, if you prefer). It would come as no surprise if he ambled up to the witness stand wearing a […]

Spahn Ranch Sits Like a Ghost Town

CHATSWORTH, Jun. 14 – It seemed as though the notorious Spahn movie ranch would get a new lease on life three years ago when plans were announced to build a $3 million European tourist center on land that was once […]

Manson’s Girl Linda Resurfaces

CONCORD, N.H., Jun. 6 — When Voytek Frykowski staggered bloody and dying onto the front lawn of the home of actress Sharon Tate, a horror-struck, 20-year-old girl told him, “Oh God, I’m so sorry.” Four months Later, in December 1969, […]

Court Blisters Manson Prosecutors

May 21 – Conduct of the prosecution in the 1970 mass murder trial of the Charles Manson family was questioned caustically Thursday by the state Court of Appeal during oral arguments on whether the convictions should be overturned. The jibes […]

Manson Back At Vacaville

VACAVILLE, May 11 – Charles Manson was transferred to the California Medical Facility today for a 90-day psychiatric study because he was “becoming extremely withdrawn,” a prison official said. Manson, 41, is serving a life sentence after being convicted of […]

Bitter ‘Milkman’ Issue Again Haunts Bugliosi

LOS ANGELES, May 2 – A bitter issue that has followed attorney Vincent Bugliosi through two previous campaigns and a series of lawsuits has resurfaced in his bid for district attorney in the June 8 primary election. Known as the […]

Kasabian, 11 Others Held By Authorities

NASHUA, N.H., Apr. 19 – Linda Kasabian, the former Charles Manson cultist who is now known as Linda Christian, was arraigned today in Nashua District Court, along with 11 other defendants, on charges of rioting and interfering with fire apparatus […]

Sandra Good Given 15-Year Sentence

SACRAMENTO, Apr. 13 — Sandra Good, a follower of convicted mass murderer Charles Manson and former roommate of Lynette (Squeaky) Fromme, was sentenced today to 15 years in prison for conspiring to threaten the lives of business and government leaders. […]

‘Helter Skelter’ an April Fool

Apr. 1 – A poster arrived from CBS last week proclaiming in jagged, blood-red letters that “Helter Skelter” would be shown in two parts, tonight and Friday night. Then KNXT yelled “April fool!” or words to that effect. The local […]

Ex-Convict Becomes a Writer, Strikes It Rich

Mar. 29 – Fourteen years ago Frank Earl Andrews robbed a New Jersey gasoline station, kidnaped two hostages and shot a deputy sheriff four times in an escape attempt. He was sentenced to 55 to 67 years in state prison. […]

Two Devotees of Manson Guilty of Death Threats

SACRAMENTO, Mar. 17 — Manson cultist Sandra Good and her friend, Susan Murphy, were convicted by a jury Tuesday of conspiring to send death threats to business and government leaders. The jury deliberated a little more than 1 1/2 hours […]

Sandra Good and Susan Murphy Plead Innocence

SACRAMENTO, Jan. 27 — Charles Manson cultist Sandra Good and another former roommate of Lynette (Squeaky) Fromme pleaded innocent today to charges of conspiring to mail threatening letters to business and government leaders. “I’m guilty for saying the mean truth […]

Judge Reduces Sandra Good’s Bail to $20,000

SACRAMENTO, Jan. 7 – A federal judge Tuesday reduced bail from $50,000 to $20,000 for Manson cultist Sandra Good, the former roommate of Lynette Fromme, accused of conspiring to mail death threats to corporate and government officials. Good, 31, did […]

Fromme Receives Life Sentence

SACRAMENTO, Dec. 18 — Charles Manson disciple Lynette (Squeaky) Fromme, convicted of attempting to assassinate President Ford, was sentenced Wednesday to life imprisonment. U.S. Dist. Judge Thomas J. MacBride told the 27-year-old follower of convicted mass murder Manson he was […]

Agent Tells How He Captured Fromme

SACRAMENTO, Nov. 8 — Lynette Fromme, banished from her trial for demanding that mass murderer Charles Manson be allowed to testify, was described Friday as yelling in disbelief after an alleged attempt to kill President Ford. Over defense objections, Secret […]

Manson Girl Tells of Quitting ‘Family’

Says She Didn’t Appear for Sentencing Because of Pregnancy LOS ANGELES, Oct. 15 – Ruth Ann Morehouse, still wearing a bandage over plastic surgery she underwent to remove the forehead “X” that had marked her as a member of the […]