• Begin Pick of Tate Alternates

Begin Pick of Tate Alternates

LOS ANGELES, Jul. 15 – The slow process of selecting six alternate jurors began today in the Tate-LaBianca murder case following the formal swearing in of the 12-member jury panel Tuesday.

The seven man, five woman jury will be sequestered beginning this afternoon at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles for the entire length of the trial expected to last four months.

One hundred and forty–one prospective jurors were questioned before the final 12 were selected, and, it is expected, almost the same number will have to be questioned before the six alternates are selected.

Today, after 48 new prospective alternate panelists entered the courtroom of Los Angeles Superior Judge Charles Older, 17 immediately said they could uot be impartial in their judgment, apparently because of pre-trial publicity.

The first alternate juror tentatively seated is 22-year-old Linda Broome; a Long Beach State College graduate. The girl, if she withstands the questioning and peremptory challenges, will be the youngest to hear the case against cult leader Charles Manson and three of his girl followers, Patricia Krenwinkel, 22, Susan Atkins, 22, and Leslie Van Houten, 19.

Estimates on the time needed to select the six alternates have ranged from several days to two weeks.


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