• Bugliosi Tabs Manson ‘Most Satanic Man’

Bugliosi Tabs Manson ‘Most Satanic Man’

LOS ANGELES, May. 30 — Vincent T. Bugliosi, successful prosecutor in the Tate-LaBianca murder trial, said Thursday in Arcadia it was imperative to “clinically dissect” the personality of Charles Manson because such murders “could be a barometer of the hippie movement” and a common occurrence in 10 or 15 years.

Speaking to the Foothill Bar Association meeting at the Ramada Inn, Bugliosi likened Manson to Adolph Hitler and said that aspect of his personality that made others follow him should be discovered to prepare prophylactic measures to “stop the cancerous growth.”

The prosecutor, who won a death verdict for Manson and his three female followers, said he could not explain after a 7 1/2-month investigation and a 9 1/2-month trial Manson’s hypnotic hold on family members that made them slave-robot killers who cut-up honey blonde Sharon Tate “like she was an animal.”

Describing Manson as the most “evil, satanic man ever to walk the face of the earth” Bugliosi said he was “confident” the State Supreme Court would uphold the Superior Court verdict; but the case may be around for another three or four years and eventually appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court. The cost of the Los Angeles Superior court trial was estimated at $1 million by Bugliosi.

Bugliosi said before and during the trial he worked 90 to 100 hours a week and personally interviewed more than 100 persons about the murders.

To prosecute the Manson family, he attempted to understand the motives of the murderers and understand why family members worshiped their leader as if he were a god.

Bugliosi said the murders were part of a bizarre scheme to provoke a black-white racial war that would result in a victory for the blacks. The only whites that were to live were Charles Manson’s family, escaping the war by hiding in the desert and meanwhile growing to the numbers of the Twelve Tribes of Israel at 140,000 strong. According to the twisted mind of Manson, a sub-human black race, unable to rule, would call upon Manson to be their leader, their god.

The women in Manson’s family, said Bugliosi, were not “the typical girl next door” even though some were reared in normal fashion, including Leslie Van Houten formerly of Monrovia who was once voted a high school beauty queen.

The “common denominator” among the girls, he said, was a “common revulsion and disgust for society and parents.” Their rejection of society and use of mind distorting drugs led to their following of Manson. He said it was a case of “birds of a feather flocking together” because Manson had an insane hatred of the establishment, masked in his hippie style love and peace sermons.

He said the family members were “slaves and subservient to Manson in every sense of the word.” Manson exerted his control through a powerful personality and “superior intelligence” — even though two of the family were college graduates, several had spent a year or two in college, and almost all were high school graduates, while Manson had spent 23 of his 36 years in prisons and reformatories.

Manson had grown so accustomed to his prison life that he begged prison officials to let him stay prior to his release in 1967 at Terminal Island State Prison, Bugliosi said.

Part of Manson’s control was efficient use of LSD. Family members would gather in a circle, each taking an LSD dosage, but Manson’s would he a smaller dosage, allowing him to control the group and demanding members to promise “never to leave him” and submit to his will. After the drugs began is to dissipate, Manson would remind them and hold them to their promises.

Manson skillfully used sexual control, asking newly initiated family women to perform sexual perversions before the group that destroyed their ego and pride. Manson saw power in men, but to attract them he maintained a large following of women.

Manson employed a cheap mysticism and had a “charisma” that would appeal only to the offbeat. A man of 1,000 faces, Manson would be the father image to one girl and the god to another. He was a chameleon, somehow instinctively knowing what each wanted to see in him.

Bugliosi said he believes that Manson is “fully aware of the formula” for his control over others. Manson, he said, was motivated by senselessness that made sense.

Manson lusted for violent deaths, seeing beauty in it. He would say that he would rather kill a human than a rattle snake, and constantly threatened to kill others. His morbid preoccupation was expressed in his song lyrics, which themed always death.

Manson was a frustrated singer-guitarist who had an overwhelming hatred for the establishment (pigs). This hatred was focused on the Tate house, where once owner Terry Melcher had refused to record his songs, and later a photographer for Sharon Tate had “booted” him off the property.

This manipulator, said Bugliosi, sent his zombies out to kill at the Tate home, not because of a hatred of the people at the home, but because it represented the establishment to Manson.

Orchestrating the murders from a twisted interpretation of the Beatles rock song “Blackbird” his robots wrote in blood the word “pig” on the from and refrigerator doors, a word used in the rock song. Again written in blood on a wall was the word “rise” that was again lifted from the song that according to Manson meant the rise of the black man. To Manson, the Beatles were prophets and angels sending him messages.

Again in an attempt to implicate the black race, Manson’s killers viewed their victims as pigs, leaving a knife in the throat of one victim and a fork in the stomach of another.

Hoping to clinch the authorities belief that it was a black man’s killing, one of the girls was instructed to leave one of the victim’s wallets at a gas station where Manson hoped a black man would pick up the wallet, using the credit cards that would eventually lead to his capture.

Manson later ordered the murder of the LaBianca family to show others how the murders should be committed as the Tate murders were “too messy.”

The seven dead, said Bugliosi, suffered 169 stab wounds, 7 gun shot wounds, and numerous other wounds including one victim’s head was smashed 13 times with the butt end of a revolver


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