• California To Get Patricia Krenwinkel

California To Get Patricia Krenwinkel

MOBILE, Ala., Feb. 18 – Dist. Atty. Carl Booth says he will notify California authorities today that Patricia Krenwinkel plans no further efforts to block extradition to stand trial in the Sharon Tate mass murder case.

Booth said Monday night that Miss Krenwinkel’s attorney and family had told him they planned no further legal challenges to the extradition request.

Miss Krenwinkel, 22, is under indictment in Los Angeles in the slayings of actress Sharon Tate and six other persons last August. She allegedly is a member of a hippie-type family cult led by Charles Manson, one of four others accused in the killings.

Booth said last week that Miss Krenwinkel had sent him a hand-written note telling him she wanted to sign extradition papers and he returned to California immediately. She has been held without bond since her arrest Dec. 1.

Her attorney, M. A. Marsal, claimed the extradition request was not valid because it was signed by the lieutenant governor, not California Gov. Ronald Reagan.

The Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals ruled last week that the request was legal.

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