• Canadian Queried In Coast Slayings



Canadian Queried In Coast Slayings

LOS ANGELES, Aug 18 – A man wanted for questioning in the killings of the actress Sharon Tate and four others was interrogated by the police for nearly three hours today and was then released.

“He can account for every minute of his time,” his attorney said.

Mr. Harrigan turned himself in to the police after learning that he and three other men were the object of a search in western Canada over the weekend. He said he had been in Manhattan Beach all along.

Thomas S. Harrigan, 27 years old, said he was in Manhattan Beach, Calif., 25 miles from the murder scene, with at least six or eight other persons the night of the slayings at Miss Tate’s $200,000 leased home.After he was questioned a police spokesman said; “We have no reason to believe that these four men are any more suspect than anyone else. We have no reason to hold any of them at this time.”

He said the police still wanted to talk to the other three men, however.

Mr. Harrigan, an unemployed personnel consultant now living in California, said he and the other three men were all friends of one of the victims, Voityck Frokowsky.

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