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Expected Death Penalty for Manson, Girls, Officer Says

LAPD EXPECTED DEATH PENALTY – Lt. Robert Helder, who headed the investigation of the Tate murders, today said he fully expected death sentences for Charles Manson and the girls. Pictured here at an October 23, 1969 press conference, Helder holds […]

Manson and Three Girls Sentenced To Gas Chamber

SENTENCED TO GAS CHAMBER – Charles Manson, his eyes a trifle watery, is pictured en route to court in Los Angeles yesterday after being told the jury had decided on his punishment for the Sharon Tate murders. Manson began making […]

Manson’s Disciples Vow Torch Death On L.A. Sidewalk

GIRLS IN MANSON “FAMILY” SHAVE HEADS – Four young women members of the Charles Manson “family” kneel on the sidewalk outside the Los Angeles Hall of Justice today with their heads shaved. They’ve kept a vigil at the building throughout […]

Tate Lawyers Body Believed To Be Found

LOS ANGELES, Mar. 29 — A body believed to be that of missing Manson case defense attorney Ronald Hughes was found in the rugged Sespe Hot Springs near Ojai, and a team of Ventura County sheriff’s deputies was hiking into […]

Life-Death Fate of Tate Killers in Jury’s Hands

LOS ANGELES, Mar. 27 — Describing death by cyanide in the gas chamber, defense attorneys Friday ended their pleas for the life of Charles Manson and his three hippie girlfriends, drawing a close to the costliest and longest trial in […]

Manson Girls Termed ‘Bloodthirsty Vampires’

LOS ANGELES, Mar. 25 — Cult leader Charles Manson was described as “the most evil, satanic man that ever walked the face of the earth” and his girlfriend- co-defendants were labeled “bloodthirsty…vampires” Wednesday as the prosecution ended its part in […]

‘Girls Murdered Just For Love of Charles Manson’

Left to Right, Susan Atkins, Patricia Krenwinkel and Leslie Van Houten walking to court today where the penalty phase of the Tate-LaBianca murder trial is nearing an end. LOS ANGELES, Mar. 24 — The prosecutor in the Tate-LaBianca murder trial […]

Manson Delivers Bloodshed Threat

HE’LL SOON KNOW HIS FATE: Charles Manson glares into the distance as he leaves court in Los Angeles today with the penalty phase of his trial in the Tate-LaBianca murder case near its close. Final defense arguments to save Manson […]

Puzzling Question In Tate Case Remains Unanswered

LOS ANGELES, Mar. 23 — The question remains — why? Why did three fairly ordinary, middle class American girls sneak out in the night and knife to death total strangers? Why is it that they show no regret, no guilt, […]

Says Manson Witnesses Are Mentally Crippled

LOS ANGELES, Mar. 22 — Charles Manson’s attorney charged today that the witnesses against his client were “mentally crippled” and that the hippie leader should not be sent to the gas chamber on that kind of evidence. Irving Kanarek, in […]

Tip Launches Search For Body of Missing Manson Trial Lawyer

LOS ANGELES, Mar. 21 — Sheriff’s deputies from three counties will start digging Monday on the Barker Ranch in Death Valley for the body of missing attorney Ronald Hughes. The ranch was the last home of Charles Manson’s “hippie” family […]

Manson Just Liked Girls, Jurors Told

LOS ANGELES, Mar. 20 — “Mr. Manson is not a Svengali,” his attorney said Friday. “He may be an unusual type of person… But there is no reason in the world not to believe that Mr. Manson is just a […]

Jury Asked To Consider Manson’s Innocence

LOS ANGELES, Mar. 19 — Claiming that hippie leader Charles Manson is a “focal point for somebody’s vendetta,” the cult chieftain’s attorney today urged the jury to consider the “possible innocence” of his client though they already have found him […]

Hangout of Manson Clan ‘Ruined by Publicity’

CHATSWORTH, Calif., Mar. 19 — The horses stir aimlessly in the corral and the wind whips unmercifully down the canyons on the old movie ranch made famous in its graying years by onetime guest Charles Manson. The ranch faced hard […]

Prosecutor Plans to Ask Tate Jury To Condemn Manson to Gas Chamber

LOS ANGELES, Mar. 18 — The prosecutor in the Sharon Tate murder trial said he would ask jurors in final arguments today to condemn Charles Manson and three women codefendants to the gas chamber. Opening of summations might be delayed […]

Manson Trial Ends After 9-Month Run

LOS ANGELES, Mar. 17 — Exactly nine months to the day after it began, the Tate-LaBianca murder trial ended Tuesday as both the defense and prosecution rested in the penalty phase, bringing to a close what has become the state’s […]

Manson Cult Girl Reverses Grand Jury Testimony

LOS ANGELES, Mar. 16 — The girl whose testimony before the grand jury indicted hippie leader Charles Manson for an eighth murder took the witness stand in the Tate-LaBianca murder trial today and refused to even mention his name in […]

Cult Girl Testifies She Was ‘Willing To Kill For Love’

Cathy Gillies still a loyal member of the Charles Manson “family,” chats with other family members outside court today after testifying she would have helped in the Sharon Tate murders if asked. She was a witness in the penalty phase […]

Judge Ousts Manson After Latest Argument in Court

LOS ANGELES, Mar. 14 — Convicted murderer Charles Manson was removed from the courtroom on Friday after he questioned the capability of his own attorney and argued with the judge presiding over his trial. Manson’s outburst came several hours after […]

Angered Manson Girls Ousted Again

LOS ANGELES, Mar. 13 — Charles Manson lost his temper again Friday at the Sharon Tate murder trial and was removed from the courtroom to an adjacent holding cell. Manson’s outburst during the afternoon session came several hours after he […]