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Charges Dismissed Against Manson’s Attacker

VACAVILLE, Calif., Jan. 17 — Authorities dismissed assault charges Wednesday against a state prison inmate who allegedly splashed convicted mass killer Charles Manson with paint thinner and set him ablaze. Inmate Jan Holmstrom apparently acted in self-defense, said James Highsmith, […]

Inmate Sets Fire to Charles Manson

SACRAMENTO, Sept. 26 — Multiple killer Charles Manson is expected to live after being severely burned Tuesday when a fellow inmate set him on fire at the California Medical Facility in Vacaville. Manson, convicted in the killings of actress Sharon […]

Manson Plot to Escape Thwarted?

VACAVILLE, Nov. 2 — Mass slayer Charles Manson was lodged in a maximum security cell Monday after state prison guards discovered a hacksaw blade and other contraband that may link him to an escape attempt, authorities said. One of the […]

Kasabian Appeals DWI Case Ruling

MERRIMACK, NH, Aug. 18 — Former Manson ‘family’ member Linda Kasabian was found guilty in district court yesterday of driving while intoxicated, second offense, but immediately appealed the case, a court spokeswoman says. Kasabian, now known as Linda Christian, 33, […]

Linda Christian Fined

LACONIA, NH, Jul. 10 – Linda Christian, once a member of the notorious Charles Manson cult in California, has pleaded guilty to indecent exposure, Laconia District Court Clerk Lou Athanas said. The former Linda Kasabian, pleaded guilty Friday and was […]

Kasabian Warrant Resinded

NASHUA, NH, Jul. 9 – A bench warrant ordered for former Charles Manson follower Linda Christian (formerly Kasabian) was rescinded yesterday after court officials discovered a scheduling error, Deputy Nashua District Court Clerk Daniel Donovan said today. Christian, 33, of […]

Sharon Tate’s Mother Speaks Out on Keeping Killers in Prison

LOS ANGELES, Jul. 9 – Sharon Tate’s mother gazes for a moment at nothing in particular, shakes her head slowly and says, “I can’t imagine a man holding a pregnant woman down and stabbing her to death. My mind will […]

Kasabian in Nashua District Court

NASHUA, NH, Jul. 7 – Former Charles Manson follower Linda Kasabian, now known as Linda Christian, was before a judge again today, pleading innocent in Nashua District Court to disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. Christian, 33, of 93 Chandler St., […]

Sharon Tate’s Mother Begins Drive for Tough Parole Laws

LOS ANGELES, Jul. 3 – Doris Tate, mother of actress Sharon Tate, killed by the notorious Charles Manson “family,” has begun a campaign for tougher parole laws designed to keep her daughter’s murderers in prison. “I just don’t understand why […]

Manson Joins Main Prison Population

VACAVILLE, Jun. 23 – Charles Manson, convicted mastermind of the 1969 Sharon Tate murders, has been placed in the general prison population after being locked in his cell for most of each day since 1971, officials said Tuesday. Manson, 47, […]

’70’s Cultist is Arrested

LOUDON, N.H., Jun. 23 – More than 200 people were arrested during the weekend at motorcycle races, including former Charles Manson cult member Linda Kasabian, who was charged with indecent exposure, police said. Authorities said the first arrest of the […]

Parole Unit Refuses to Free Manson

VACAVILLE, Calif., Nov. 5 — Mass murderer Charles Manson, saying “I ain’t got no mind” after eight years in “the nut ward,” was refused parole Wednesday by a state parole. The three-man panel from the state Board of Prison Terms […]

Bride No. 36 Steals His Love

GREENVILLE, Texas, Jun. 30 — Donald Lee Laisure is a marrying man. By his own count he has repeated the vows 35 times and profited from the experience. “I got (wealthy) by using my head. I looked for them (rich […]

$20 Million Libel Suit Dismissed

LOS ANGELES, Jun. 26 – A $20 million libel suit filed by Irving Kanarek, attorney for convicted mass murderer Charles Manson, against Manson’s prosecutor, Vincent T. Bugliosi and others, over statements in Bugliosi’s best selling book, “Helter Skelter,” was dismissed. […]

Manson Lashes Out in Interview

NEW YORK, Jun. 12 — Charles Manson, the convicted mass murderer, strikes out at the media and claims he is “nobody’s leader and I’m nobody’s follower” in an interview with Tom Snyder tonight on NBC’s “Tomorrow Coast to Coast” (12:30 […]

Leslie Van Houten: ‘In Touch’ With the Guilt She’ll Always Feel

Dec. 14 – Leslie Van Houten, 31, and looking like a schoolgirl in jeans, plaid shirt, red V-necked sweater, short brown curls and bangs, reached for her pack of cigarettes, lit up and grinned: “I keep telling myself, ‘When this […]

FBI Seeking for Motives in Psychology of Killers

QUANTICO, Va., Nov. 9 — The FBI has entered the world of psycholinguistics and interviews with notorious killers to help solve seemingly senseless crimes. The purpose of the studies by the Behavior Science Unit, which is housed in the basement […]

Vincent Bugliosi – Manson Case Prosecutor Turns Defense Lawyer

CHICAGO, Jun. 4 — Vincent T. Bugliosi, the former deputy Los Angeles County district attorney who prosecuted the Charles Manson family, is now on the other side of the courtroom. “I’d like to try to establish myself as the leading […]

Lansbury Returns to Stage

NEW YORK, Jul. 7 – Anthony Shaw, the 26-year-old son of Angela Lansbury and husband-agent Peter Shaw, arrived in New York for a reunion with his parents and his 24-year-old sister Deidre. And a joyous reunion it will be. “I […]

Fromme Returned To Alderson

PLEASANTON, Calif., Apr. 10 — Would-be presidential assassin Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme will be moved back to a federal prison in Alderson, W. Va. as punishment for striking an inmate with a hammer, prison officials said Monday. A prison investigation found […]