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Manson Follower Discovered Shot in Burning Car

SACRAMENTO, Nov. 16 — James T. Craig, who was convicted of a 1972 Charles Manson family murder, was discovered today shot and stuffed into the trunk of a burning car with a corpse. Fire fighters put out the blaze and […]

Manson: ‘Didn’t Want to Kill’

VACAVILLE, Jul. 10 — In a rare prison interview, convicted mass murderer Charles Manson admits he got in trouble “for cutting people, for shooting people,” but he claims he didn’t want to kill. “Not because I wanted to, but because […]

Van Houten Convicted in First Degree

LOS ANGELES, Jul. 5 – Former Charles Manson follower Leslie Van Houten was convicted of first-degree murder today in her third trial for the Aug. 10, 1969, slayings of Leno and Rosemary LaBianca. She also was found guilty of conspiracy […]

Woman Cites LSD Effects; Followed Manson Orders

LOS ANGELES, May 31 — Leslie Van Houten said at her third murder trial she was so heavily drugged on LSD that she was incapable of functioning on her own and mindlessly carried out Charles Manson’s orders to kill. Miss […]

Religion Has ‘Freed’ Him, Watson Says

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Apr. 30 — Charles “Tex” Watson says he spent the first 23 years of his life chasing the all-American dream and the next five chasing after the devil. Now Watson — the former Texas farm boy and […]

High Court Rejects Manson Case Appeals

WASHINGTON, Apr. 3 — Charles Manson’s bid to have his conviction and life sentence overturned in the 1969 murders of two California men was turned down by the Supreme Court today. The justices left intact Manson’s 1970 conviction for the […]

Couple Meet, Forgive Slayer of Daughter, 20

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Jan. 16 — “We love this special person from the bottom of our hearts,” said Golden Bristol of the man who murdered her daughter. The tiny housewife from Dearborn, Mich., confessed to a little nervousness as she […]

Fromme to Alderson

ALDERSON, WV, Jul. 3 – Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme, the Manson cultist accused of trying to gun down former President Gerald Ford, is among a contingent of new inmates being shipped to the Federal Reformatory for Women. Warden Carson Markley says […]

The Manson Mystique, Whatever It Is, Lives On

When Leslie Van Houten began taking the witness stand in Los Angeles a few weeks ago to give her version of the 1969 LaBianca slayings, I realized how baffled I still was by the senseless “Helter Skelter” killings. Even her […]

Van Houten Jury Hears Manson Tape

LOS ANGELES, Jun. 28 – After more than two months of testimony that has almost always focused on Charles Manson, the jury in the retrial of Leslie Van Houten heard the voice of Manson himself Monday. What the jurors heard […]

California Court of Appeal Upholds Manson’s Convictions in 2 Killings

LOS ANGELES, Jun. 24 – Ruling it found no evidence of “prejudicial error,” the State Court of Appeal yesterday upheld Charles Manson’s 1971 convictions for the murders of Gary Hinman and Donald (Shorty) Shea. The three-judge panel, in an unanimous […]

Doctor Disputes Van Houten Domination

LOS ANGELES, Jun. 22 – A psychiatrist called by the prosecution testified Tuesday that Leslie Van Houten was not a “robot” under the domination of Charles Manson the night she took part in the murders of Leno and Rosemary LaBianca. […]

Manson Follower Knifed: Shots Halt DVI Racial Fight

TRACY, Jun. 8 — Security remained tight and tension high at nearby Deuel Vocational Institution last night in the aftermath of a racial battle which required warning shots to stop. Eleven prisoners were injured, one seriously. The seriously injured inmate […]

Files On Manson Are Shut To Lawyer For Van Houten

LOS ANGELES, Jun. 7 – Leslie Van Houten’s lawyer lost a fight Monday for access to the medical and psychiatric records of mass murderer Charles Manson. Attorney Maxwell Keith, defending Miss Van Houten in her Los Angeles retrial for murder […]

LSD Influence on Miss Van Houten Told

LOS ANGELES, May 20 – A psychiatrist who specializes in “medicines of the mind” testified Thursday that Leslie Van Houten’s use of LSD so changed her values that she ended up “not caring for life, even her own.” That is […]

Mrs. Van Houten testifies Leslie ‘Free of Manson’

LOS ANGELES, May 19 – Leslie Van Houten’s mother fought back tears in Los Angeles Wednesday as she told a jury of her daughter’s journey back from Charles Manson’s cult of death. Jane Van Houten, of Monrovia, recalling her personal […]

Prosecutor to End Van Houten Case

LOS ANGELES, May 17 – Prosecutor Stephen Kay plans to wind up his case against Leslie Van Houten today in the retrial of the former Charles Manson follower for the murders of Leno and Rosemary LaBianca. On Monday, Kay completed […]

Miss Van Houten Tells Role in Slaying

LOS ANGELES, May 13 – Former Charles Manson follower Leslie Van Houten testified Thursday that she stabbed Rosemary LaBianca only after Mrs. LaBianca apparently was dead. Miss Van Houten said that after both Mrs. LaBianca and her husband, Leno, were […]

Miss Van Houten Tells of Perjury

LOS ANGELES, May 6 – Former Charles Manson follower Leslie Van Houten testified Thursday she took LSD during the Tate-LaBianca murder trial and said she gave false testimony in that trial on Manson’s orders. Taking the stand for the first […]

Linda Kasabian Finishes Slaying Account

LOS ANGELES, Apr. 26 – Linda Kasabian completed her courtroom account Monday about a night in 1969 when she said Charles Manson and a carload of his followers roamed from the mountains to the sea searching for someone to kill. […]