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Manson is Accused of Hinman Murder

LOS ANGELES, Apr. 14 – Hippie cult leader Charles Manson, thus far accused of only ordering others to kill, Monday was accused of the actual murder of musician Gary Hinman. Robert Beausoleil, who took the stand in his own defense […]

Court Told Manson Killed Musician

LOS ANGELES, Apr. 14 – Robert Beausoleil, a member of the “Manson family” on trial for the slaying of a 34-year-old musician, testified Monday the killing was committed by hippie cult leader Charles Manson. Beausoleil, 22, took the witness stand […]

Mary Brunner Testifies in Los Angeles: Gave Murder Statements After Threats of Arrest

LOS ANGELES, Apr. 14 – Mary Brunner, 26, testified Monday that statements she gave to two Los Angeles investigators in Madison last December were given only under the threat of arrest if she did not cooperate. The statements described the […]

Judge Refuses to Dismiss Charges in Murder Cases

LOS ANGELES, Apr. 14 – Superior Court Judge Malcolm M. Lucas refused yesterday to dismiss charges against accused murderess Susan Denise Atkins, ruling her statements before the County Grand Jury which indicted her provided grounds to hold her for trial. […]

Cultist Tells of Rifling Slain Man

LOS ANGELES, Apr. 13 – Hippie cult leader Charles Manson’s first family member — the mother of his child — testified in Los Angeles Superior Court today that she was not shocked when musician Gary Hinman was killed, and, in […]

Woman Describes ‘Family’ Slaying of Hinman

LOS ANGELES, Apr. 11 – The Manson Family fell apart Friday. In a surprise move which even caught prosecutors off guard, one of the participants in the murder of musician Gary Hinman took the stand in the trial of family […]

State Woman Says She Saw Slaying In Hippie Family

LOS ANGELES, Apr. 11 – A Wisconsin woman testified Friday she witnessed the slaying of a member of Charles Manson’s hippie “family.” Miss Mary Teresa Brunner of Eau Claire, Wis. offered the commentary during the murder trial of Robert Kenneth […]

‘Family’ State Witness Reneges, Won’t Testify

LOS ANGELES, Apr. 10 – One of the chief prosecution witnesses in the murder trial of Manson family member Robert Beausoleil – the girl who allegedly participated in the torture-killing of musician Gary Hinman – has decided not to testify, […]

Madison Librarian Ready to Testify at Manson Affair Trial

MADISON, Wis., Apr. 9 – The Capital Times learned this morning that 26-year-old University of Wisconsin librarian Mary T. Brunner, considered by some to be the key witness in a murder case linked to the notorious Charles Manson affair, was […]

Manson Linked in Follower’s Murder Trial

LOS ANGELES, Apr. 9 – Cult leader Charles Manson offered to give away two vehicles owned by a man one of his followers is accused of murdering, a witness testified Wednesday. Marcus J. Arneson, testifying in the murder trial of […]

Leader of Cycle Gang Admits ‘Deal’ to Testify

LOS ANGELES, Apr. 7 – One of the chief prosecution witnesses in the murder trial of Manson family member Robert Beausoleil admitted today he testified against the baby-faced defendant because officials offered to dismiss three felony counts against him. Black-haired […]

Cyclist Tells of Manson ‘Kill Order’

LOS ANGELES, Apr. 7 – The “Straight Satans” motorcycle gang leader testified Monday that he was told Charles Manson, accused in the Sharon Tate murders, ordered the slaying of a musician knifed to death in his home last July. Daniel […]

Two from Texas

FARMERSVILLE, Tex., Apr. 5 – There was a time when most Americans lived in small towns. They liked it and prospered. And every town came to be known for something special. Weatherford had its watermelons, Cuero had its turkeys. Farmersville, […]

Manson ‘Family’ Trial May Be Surprise

LOS ANGELES, Apr. 5 – Charles Manson — is he a Rasputin who sent a band of hippies on murderous forays? Or a gentle troubadour, a teller of tales, a singer of songs, a dreamer of dreams? His upcoming trial […]

Manson Accused Of Death Command

LOS ANGELES, Apr. 4 – After mutilating his victim by slashing him with a sword, Charles Manson, the accused master-mind behind the thrill-killings of actress Sharon Tate and six others, ordered him put to death, a Los Angeles Superior Court […]

Prosecution Claims Manson Ordered Musician’s Stabbing

LOS ANGELES, Apr. 4 – Robert Beausoleil, acting under instructions of “family” leader Charles Manson, stabbed to death a musician because he failed to produce $20,000 in an extortion plot, the state charged Friday. Prosecutor Burton Katz, in his opening […]

Evidence Opened to Susan Atkins

LOS ANGELES, Apr. 3 – Access to all prosecution evidence was granted today for Susan Denise Atkins, the informant in the Tate-La Bianca murder cases, after a brief hearing in Los Angeles Superior Court. Daye Shinn, attorney for the 20-year-old […]

Hung Jury Forces Retrial: DA Tries Again in First ‘Manson Family’ Trial

LOS ANGELES, Mar. 31 – The first of the “Manson Family” murder trials was underway today with the state demanding the death penalty for mod-attired, 21-year-old Robert Beausoleil. Lost in the uproar over the Sharon Tate murders was the slaying […]

Panel Quizzed on Manson in Hinman Murder Retrial

LOS ANGELES, Mar. 31 – Questions about the “family” of Charles Manson figured prominently yesterday in the examining of prospective jurors for the murder retrial of Robert Kenneth Beausoleil. Beausoleil is accused of the murder last July 25 of musician […]

Susan Atkins Counsel Asks Judge Ousted

LOS ANGELES, Mar. 31 – The attorney for Susan Denise Atkins yesterday moved to disqualify Superior Court Judge William B. Keene from presiding at her trial in the Tate-LaBianca slayings. Attorney Daye Shinn charged the jurist “will not be able […]