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Ex-UW Librarian Seeks Release in L.A. Murder Case

LOS ANGELES, Jul. 7 – Former University of Wisconsin librarian Mary Brunner, 26, charged in the torture-slaying last year of bagpipe musician Gary Hinman, today sought release on the grounds that she had allegedly been granted immunity from prosecution by […]

Tate Slaying Trial Taking on Look Of 3-Ring Circus

LOS ANGELES, Jul. 6 – Opening its fourth week at the Hall of Justice, the Sharon Tate murder trial is taking on the colorful complexity of a three-ring circus, with all participants doing their own thing. With a jury still […]

12 in Tate Jury Panel Want Out

LOS ANGELES, Jul. 6 – The third panel of 48 prospective jurors was brought into Los Angeles Superior Court today in the opening of the fourth week of the massacre murder trial of Charles Manson and three of his girl […]

Manson Clan of Girls Hanging On to Memories

LOS ANGELES, Jul. 5 – A year ago, there were about 45 members of the hippie “family” that lived a communal existence on a crumbling movie ranch in the arid, boulder-strewn mountains at the northern end of the San Fernando […]

Women on Trial Draw Pictures

LOS ANGELES, Jul. 4 – Swathed in satin capes, three women defendants in the Sharon Tate murder trial whispered and drew pictures on yellow legal pads Friday as the third tedious week of jury selection droned to a close. The […]

Tate Case Prosecutor Hit on Query

LOS ANGELES, Jul. 3 – The chief prosecutor in the Tate-LaBianca murder trial was accused of misconduct today after questioning a prospective juror. Dep. Dist. Atty. Aaron Stovitz, who also faces an earlier contempt charge, was charged with misconduct by […]

LSD Said Key In Tate Murder

LOS ANGELES, Jul. 3 – A defense attorney in the Sharon Tate murder case, questioning prospective jurors, intimated Thursday in Los Angeles the effects of the hallucinatory drug LSD could become key to the case. Attorney Paul Fitzgerald, mentioning the […]

Manson Sues for Millions

LOS ANGELES, Jul. 3 – Charles Manson has sued Dist. Ally. Evelle J. Younger, Sheriff Peter J. Pitchess and 10 others for $1 million each accusing them of violating his civil rights. Manson, on trial with three female codefendants in […]

Manson Case Girl Fails Again to Fire Attorney

LOS ANGELES, Jul. 2 – One of Charles Manson’s codefendants, Leslie Van Houten 19, yesterday failed for the third time to fire her attorney, Ira K. Reiner. The reason was the same as on Tuesday — she did not want […]

Charles Watson Wins New Extradition Delay

AUSTIN, Tex., Jul. 2 – Charles “Tex” Watson, the sixth defendant in the Tate-LaBianca murder case, has won at least another 30-day delay in being returned to California, the district attorney’s office reported yesterday. Elvyn Holt, head of the district […]

DA to Seek Hearing into Qualifications of Kanarek

LOS ANGELES, Jul. 2 – Dist. Atty. Evelle J. Younger today had announced unprecedented plans to petition the State Supreme Court to order a hearing into the qualifications of Charles Manson’s attorney. Younger said he was making the move because […]

Teacher Seated As Manson Juror

LOS ANGELES, Jul. 2 – A teacher at the same high school in which one of the defendants in the Tate-LaBianca mass murder case was homecoming princess was seated tentatively today as a juror as the slow process of selecting […]

It Looks Like A Long Loony Trial

LOS ANGELES, Jul. 1 – One of the curiosities about covering a big trial in the U.S. is that the authorities spare no effort to help the press — even at the expense of forfeiting a fair trial for the […]

Tate Figure Fails To Fire Her Lawyer

LOS ANGELES, Jul. 1 – One of the three young women charged along with Charles Manson in the Tate-La Bianca murders tried for a second time yesterday to fire her lawyer. Leslie Van Houten, 19, stood up at the counsel […]

Attorney for Manson Filed Against; DA

LOS ANGELES, Jul. 1 – Los Angeles Dist. Atty. Evelle J. Younger turned in the California Supreme Court Tuesday in an effort to remove the attorney for cultist Charles Manson in the Tate-La Bianca case. Younger told a press conference […]

Move to Dismiss Charges in Manson Trial Is Denied by Judge

LOS ANGELES, Jun. 30 – Superior Court Judge Charles Older yesterday denied a defense motion to dismiss charges against Charles Manson and three co-defendants on grounds of prejudicial pre-trial publicity. Older, following an hour of arguments, said he could “find […]

Woman in Manson Group Loses Plea for Attorney

LOS ANGELES, Jun. 30 – Accused murderess Mary Brunner, a member of Charles Manson’s “family,” yesterday lost her bid to hire Daye Shinn as her attorney. At the same time, the prosecution announced it would seek the death penalty for […]

Reject Manson Defense Plea to Drop Charges

LOS ANGELES, Jun. 29 – A motion to dismiss charges against hippie cult leader Charles Manson and three of his “followers” charged with the Tate-LaBianca murders was denied today as the trial opened its third week in Los Angeles Superior […]

State to Seek Death For Manson, 3 Young Women

LOS ANGELES, Jun. 28 – The state will try to send Charles Manson and three young women to the gas chamber for the murders of actress Sharon Tate and six other persons. Deputy district attorney Vincent Bugliosi suddenly changed the […]

Judge Tightens Attorney Gag in Tate Murder Case

LOS ANGELES, Jun. 27 – The gag applied to defense and prosecution attorneys in the Tate-LaBianca murder case tightened Friday as the trial ended its second week. As the slow process of jury selection continued, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge […]