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Defendant in Tate Murders May Turn State’s Evidence

LOS ANGELES, Mar. 31 – An attorney for one defendant in the Tate-LaBianca murders strongly hinted yesterday that his client will turn state’s evidence when the case comes to trial next month. Gary Fleischman, a lawyer for Mrs. Linda Kasabian, […]

Beausoleil Could Pay With Death

LOS ANGELES, Mar. 31 – The state revealed yesterday it would ask the death penalty as a trial opened for a member of the “Manson family” accused of a murder committed the month before the Sharon Tate killings. Robert K. […]

Watson Waits In Texas: Extradition Fight Seen

McKINNEY, Tex., Mar. 29 – Charles Watson, who skyrocketed to worldwide notoriety when he was accused of murder in the Sharon Tate killings in California, may become equally known as the principal figure in a precedent-shattering extradition fight While Watson […]

Manson Plea to Move Trial Denied Despite ‘Ruthless Publicity’ Claim

LOS ANGELES, Mar. 25 – Despite an impassioned charge by a defense attorney that a Los Angeles newspaper “conspired” to deprive accused murder-mastermind Charles Manson and his “family” of a fair trial, a motion to transfer the case to another […]

Manson Denied Tate Case Venue Change

LOS ANGELES, Mar. 25 – Charles M. Manson and co-defendant Patricia Krenwinkel yesterday were denied their motion for a change of venue in the Sharon Tate murder case on grounds pre-trial publicity had “been absolutely unparalleled in history.” A defense […]

Appeal Motion Ordered Hastened In Watson Case

LOS ANGELES, Mar. 24 – A district judge ordered Monday that a motion of appeal be hastened in the extradition of Charles Watson to California in connection with the slayings of Hollywood actress Sharon Tate and six others. Judge David […]

Counsel For Milford Suspect Says Charges To Be Dropped

LOS ANGELES, Mar. 24 – An attorney for a woman charged with murder-conspiracy in the Tate-LaBianca slayings says the charges “will be dismissed either by grant of immunity or by a jury trial.” Gary Fleischman, who dropped a requested change […]

Accused Slayer Chooses Inexperienced Attorney

LOS ANGELES, Mar. 23 – As the Sharon Tate murder case moved slowly toward trial last week, the prosecution gained a new star witness and Charles Manson gained a new lawyer — who has never tried a case. Manson, the […]

Manson Fires Attorney Who Doubted Sanity, Hires Novice

LOS ANGELES, Mar. 20 – Charles Manson Thursday fired an attorney who had sought a psychiatric examination for the bearded, onetime cult-leader and was assigned a new lawyer who promptly withdrew that request. Ousted was veteran lawyer Charles Hollopeter, 59, […]

Manson Releases Attorney

LOS ANGELES, Mar. 20 – Charles Manson, chief defendant in the Tate murder case, angrily threw the U.S. Constitution into a waste paper basket in court Thursday, fired the attorney who had asked that he be given a psychiatric examination, […]

Manson Switches Counsel for Novice

LOS ANGELES, Mar. 19 – Bearded cult leader Charles Manson, the accused mastermind behind the massacre slayings of six people, today fired his attorney and substituted a bearded and longhaired novice lawyer with no courtroom experience. In a Los Angeles […]

Manson Cool On Kasabian Bid

LOS ANGELES, Mar. 19 – Although another member of Charlie Manson’s “family” is reported to have turned state’s evidence in return for immunity from prosecution, the long-haired hippie leader claims it is no surprise and doesn’t make him mad. “I […]

Psychiatric Testing Sought For Manson

LOS ANGELES, Mar. 18 – Charles Manson’s attorney said Tuesday he will request a psychiatric examination for his client, the prime defendant in the Sharon Tate murder case, because of his bizarre conduct in court. Charles Hollopeter, Manson’s court-appointed lawyer, […]

Defendant In Tate Deaths Fails To Disqualify Judge

LOS ANGELES, Mar. 16 – One of the defendants in the Tate-Labianca murder cases failed yesterday to remove Superior Judge William B. Keene as the jurist who will preside at her trial. Superior Judge George M. Dell ruled a motion […]

Things May Be Looking Up For Manson, Legal Breaks May Be Coming His Way

LOS ANGELES, Mar. 15 – Things are looking up for Charles Manson. When police first arrested the hairy little guru of a hippie “family,” an impression got around that there was ample evidence he had ordered five members of his […]

Manson’s New Attorney May Ask Insanity Plea

LOS ANGELES, Mar. 13 – Cult leader Charles Manson’s new court-appointed attorney said he may plead his client not guilty to the Sharon Tate murders by reason of insanity. Lawyer Charles Hollopeter said he was “distressed and disturbed” by Manson’s […]

Manson, Judge Play ’20 Questions’

LOS ANGELES, Mar. 12 – Accused “mastermind of murder” Charles Manson Wednesday played “Twenty Questions” with a judge, blocking for a time a simple change of attorney motion by his ex-girl friend turned accuser. Manson, stroking his beard and “playing […]

Manson’s ‘Conscience Clear’

LOS ANGELES, Mar. 12 – “I know what I’ve done and what I haven’t done. My conscience is clear.” So said Charles Miles Manson, the accused mastermind behind the massacre murders of actress Sharon Tate and six others, in an […]

Chance To Deny Tate Crime Allowed To Pass

SANTA MONICA, Calif., Mar. 12 – Susan Atkins had the chance Wednesday to disclaim her story about the Tate-La Bianca murders but she let the opportunity pass. Her new attorney, Daye Shinn, said Tuesday she had repudiated an account of […]

Susan To Repudiate Tate Death Story

LOS ANGELES, Mar. 11 – Susan Denise Atkins, Manson clan informer who sang the song of slaughter that broke the Tate-LaBianca mass murder cases to a grand jury, won’t let out a peep during the forthcoming trial. This reversal of […]