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Court-Named Counsel Sees Manson Pleasant, Intelligent

LOS ANGELES, Mar. 10 – Attorney Charles Hollopeter says his newest client, Charles Manson, is “pleasant, cooperative…and quite intelligent.” “He’s got an interesting personality,” said the 59-year-old criminal attorney of the man accused of planning and leading the grisly killing […]

Jail Pal Airs Angry Manson Statement

LOS ANGELES, Mar. 8 – Charles Manson, charged with masterminding the Sharon Tate and Leno LaBianca mass murders, spoke to the press by proxy Saturday and lashed out at the courts for barring him from acting as his own attorney. […]

Manson ‘Family’ Members Sing Their Leader’s Folk Song

Brenda McCann Holds Manson Album CHATSWORTH, Calif., Mar. 8 – Four disciples or Charles Manson sat on a dilapidated porch at Spahn Ranch Saturday and crooned a song their cult leader wrote in jail while awaiting trial in the actress […]

LINDA KASABIAN: Was She Yana the Witch?

LOS ANGELES, Mar. 8 – I was standing underneath one of those towering gas station signs you see by the highway all the time, at the eastern edge of Gallup, New Mexico, when the girl picked me up. It was […]

Shouting Match in Court

LOS ANGELES, Mar. 7 – Shouting “you can kill me, but you can’t give me an attorney,” accused murderer Charles Manson Friday was ruled incapable of representing himself and an attorney was appointed to handle his defense. The wild court […]

Manson Gets Attorney, Angry

MANSON ‘CLAN’ MEMBERS ON WAY TO JAIL – Three members of Charles M. Manson’s nomadic “family” leave a Los Angeles court Friday on way to serve five-day jail sentence for contempt of court. After Judge William B. Keene ruled that […]

Manson Has Stormy Session in Court

LOS ANGELES, Mar. 7 – Charles Manson, accused mastermind of the Sharon Tate murders, was given a court-appointed defense attorney over his objections Friday after a judge ruled the “outlandish” motions he filed proved he was incapable of defending himself. […]

Manson Holds Jail Conference With Girl Co-Defendant

LOS ANGELES, Mar. 6 – Susan Denise Atkins met with her co-defendant Charles Manson, for an hour and 15 minutes Thursday in Los Angeles but declined to reveal much of what occurred. After she left the meeting at County Jail, […]

Key Figures In Slayings Meet In Jail

LOS ANGELES, Mar. 6 – Two key figures in the Sharon Tate murder, Charles M. Manson and Susan Denise Atkins, conferred for more than an hour in jail Thursday on defense strategy. Miss Atkins’ attorney said later he and Manson […]

Tate-Informer Atkins to Meet With Manson

SEES MANSON – Susan Denise Atkins, one of six persons accused in the murder of actress Sharon Tate and six others last year, peers from behind the iron bars at the men’s section of Central Jail, Los Angeles, after she […]

‘Manson Girl’ Pleads Innocent to Slayings

LOS ANGELES, Mar. 4 – Patricia Krenwinkel, the fifth of six nomadic hippies charged with the murder of actress Sharon Tate and six others, pleaded not guilty Tuesday to the crime after she was denied the right to act as […]

Leader Of Hippie Cult Will Tell Story In Album

LOS ANGELES, Mar. 3 – Charles Manson, accused leader of a hippie murder cult, will tell his story on a record album to be released this week. Lyn Fromme Talks About The “Lie” Record Phil Kaufman, producer of the album, […]

Black-Magic Cults Ride Manson Coattails

LOS ANGELES, Mar. 3 – Publicity given to Charles Manson and his “family,” accused of the Tate-LaBianca slayings, has helped popularize black magic-witchcraft cults among same young people, a USC professor said Monday. Dr. Robert S. Ellwood Jr., USC assistant […]

Manson’s Record Album Will Be Issued Next Week

CHATSWORTH, Calif., Feb. 27 – “Everybody says you’re no good…Charles you don’t do like they think you should…” Twelve songs pressed into one album and considered hippie cult leader Charles Manson’s “only defense” — his music — will go on […]

Charles Manson Keeps Tight Hold On Hippie ‘Family’

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 27 – Three months in Los Angeles county jail have only increased the hold of Charles Manson over his hippie “family,” who are accused with him of murdering at least seven persons last year. Mr. Manson, aged […]

Manson Family Member Faces March Hearing

BISHOP, Calif., Feb. 27 – A member of the Charles Manson family, Bruce McGregor Davis, 27, faces a preliminary hearing before U.S. Commissioner Boyd Taylor here March 10 following his arraignment on a charge of violating federal firearms laws. Davis […]

You’ll Die, Tate Case Figure Told

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 25 – Despite threats against her life, Shelley Joyce Nadell says she intends to testify as a key witness in the murder trial of Charles Manson and his followers. Mrs. Nadell, 31, talked in a copyrighted television […]

Tate Case Girl Files 2 Motions

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 25 – Patricia Krenwinkel, emulating the alleged mastermind of the Sharon Tate murders, requested permission yesterday to act as her own attorney to fight seven murder charges against her. Miss Krenwinkel, 22, who was indicted for the […]

Warrant Given Inyo Officials In Manson Case

INDEPENDENCE, Calif., Feb. 24 – A federal warrant charging Bruce McGregor Davis, a figure in the Charles Manson case, with a federal firearms violation, has been received by officials of Inyo County, where he is being held on a stolen […]

Manson Cult Woman Asks to Defend Self

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 24 – The fifth of six cultists charged in the murder of actress Sharon Tate and six others faced arraignment today in Los Angeles Superior Court and asked to be her own attorney. Following the lead of […]