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Kasabian in Court, Sees Cult Leader

LOS ANGELES, Jun. 18 – Linda Kasabian 20, one of Charles Manson’s “girls,” made a surprise appearance at his murder trial yesterday and faced the cult chieftain for the first time since it was disclosed she might testify against him. […]

Mary Brunner Arraigned In Musician Slaying Case

LOS ANGELES, Jun. 18 – Mary Brunner, a member of the Charles Manson clan, today had been arraigned for the murder of musician Gary Hinman and requested the right to act as her own attorney. Miss Brunner 26, was held […]

Texas Man Charged In Sharon Tate Murders

AUSTIN, Tex., Jun. 18 – “Charles Watson is a completely different individual from the other people that are being tried out there. It’s much more difficult to believe that he has involvement in this matter or that it would be […]

Tate Testimony in 60 Days Seen

LOS ANGELES, Jun. 17 – The chief prosecutor at the trial of four hippie types on charges of murdering actress Sharon Tate and six others said today that actual testimony may take only 60 days. But the judge continued to […]

Mary Brunner Indicted: Ex-Librarian Asks To Defend Herself

LOS ANGELES, Jun. 17 – Mary Brunner asked Tuesday to act as her own attorney when she was arraigned in connection with the Gary Hinman murder case. She was a one-time key prosecution witness. Miss Brunner, 26, a native of […]

Manson Asks Jury Selection Speedup

LOS ANGELES, Jun. 17 – Charles Manson was willing to have the first 12 prospective jurors selected at random try him for the Sharon Tate-Labianca murders. The trial judge ignored him. Jury selection proceeds instead today in normal fashion but […]

Manson Jury Selection in 2nd Day; None Picked

LOS ANGELES, Jun. 17 – Thirteen of 24 prospective jurors called in the mass murder case against Charles Manson and three of his “family,” were excused as the trial began its second day today in Los Angeles Superior Court. The […]

Hinman Witness Indicted for Murder

Mary Brunner, a key witness in the trial of Robert Beausoleil for the slaying of musician Gary Hinman, is shown behing taken to county jail at Los Angeles, Calif., grand jury for Hinman’s death. Beausoleil has been sentenced to death […]

‘Manson Family’ Jury Selection Begins

LOS ANGELES, Jun. 17 – Selection of a jury began yesterday in the Tate-LaBianca murder trial and hippie cult leader Charles Manson said he was willing to accept the first 12 citizens called into the jury box without questioning any […]

Defense Gets Trial Delay; Files Charge

LOS ANGELES, Jun. 16 – The chief prosecutor in the Sharon Tate murder case faced a contempt of court hearing today on defense changes that he violated a judicial order by giving a published pretrial interview. The hearing for Deputy […]

Manson, 3 followers Sit Quietly at Pre-Trial Hearing

LOS ANGELES, Jun. 16 – Charles Manson and three of his female followers yesterday apparently decided to quiet down so they could remain in the courtroom during a hearing before the start of their murder-conspiracy trial. Manson and the others […]

Beausoleil Loses in Bid for New Trial; Given Sentence

LOS ANGELES, Jun. 16 – Robert Beausoleil, an associate of the Manson “family,” lost his bid for a new trial yesterday and was formally sentenced to die for the murder of musician Gary Hinman. Mary Brunner, the cult member who […]

Manson Trial Opens; Defense Asks Dismissal

LOS ANGELES, Jun. 15 – Direct violation of court orders, including the release to news media of evidence, and a new motive for the Tate – LaBianca murders, was expected to be alleged today by defense attorneys as the legally […]

Trial of Manson Opens

LOS ANGELES, Jun. 15 – The long-delayed murder-conspiracy trial of four hippie-type clan members opens today — more than 10 months after the bizarre slayings of actress Sharon Tate and six others. Superior Court Judge Charles H. Older, intent on […]

Manson ‘Family’ Set to Go on Trial Today

LOS ANGELES, Jun. 15 – The climactic third act of Hollywood’s strangest off-screen melodrama — the gory “ritualistic” killings of beautiful actress Sharon Tate and six others — is set to begin today. In the grim grayness of a tiny […]

Beausoleil Gets Death Sentence

LOS ANGELES, Jun. 15 – As the chief prosecution witness against him screamed, “Bobby’s not guilty,” Manson family member Robert Beausoleil today was denied a new trial and was sentenced formally to die in the gas chanter for the murder […]

Witness in Beausoleil Case Changes Her Story Again

LOS ANGELES, Jun. 14 – Mary Brunner changed her story again Friday and testified in court that Robert Beausoleil did, indeed, kill musician Gary Hinman. The 26-year-old woman, member of Charles Manson’s nomadic cult, had testified at Beausoleil’s trial last […]

Manson Trial on Schedule, Despite Snarls

LOS ANGELES, Jun. 14 – The murder-conspiracy trial of Charles Manson will begin as scheduled tomorrow despite apparent legal snarls, surrounding the case. Defense attorneys said Superior Court Judge Charles H. Older apparently is ready to start jury selection tomorrow […]

Witness Reverts to Original Testimony

LOS ANGELES, Jun. 13 – A judge’s warning that she was being held in contempt of court caused a Wisconsin woman to revert to her original version of how musician Gary Hinman was killed last summer. “On Sunday, July 27, […]

Hippies May Be Bound, Gagged At Murder Trial

LOS ANGELES, Jun. 13 – Despite raucous disruptions, ejection of defendants from court and a clutter of legal tangles, the long-delayed trial of four members of a hippie-type clan charged with the Sharon Tate murders remains scheduled to begin Monday. […]