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Beausoleil Gets Death Sentence

LOS ANGELES, Jun. 15 – As the chief prosecution witness against him screamed, “Bobby’s not guilty,” Manson family member Robert Beausoleil today was denied a new trial and was sentenced formally to die in the gas chanter for the murder […]

Witness in Beausoleil Case Changes Her Story Again

LOS ANGELES, Jun. 14 – Mary Brunner changed her story again Friday and testified in court that Robert Beausoleil did, indeed, kill musician Gary Hinman. The 26-year-old woman, member of Charles Manson’s nomadic cult, had testified at Beausoleil’s trial last […]

Manson Trial on Schedule, Despite Snarls

LOS ANGELES, Jun. 14 – The murder-conspiracy trial of Charles Manson will begin as scheduled tomorrow despite apparent legal snarls, surrounding the case. Defense attorneys said Superior Court Judge Charles H. Older apparently is ready to start jury selection tomorrow […]

Witness Reverts to Original Testimony

LOS ANGELES, Jun. 13 – A judge’s warning that she was being held in contempt of court caused a Wisconsin woman to revert to her original version of how musician Gary Hinman was killed last summer. “On Sunday, July 27, […]

Hippies May Be Bound, Gagged At Murder Trial

LOS ANGELES, Jun. 13 – Despite raucous disruptions, ejection of defendants from court and a clutter of legal tangles, the long-delayed trial of four members of a hippie-type clan charged with the Sharon Tate murders remains scheduled to begin Monday. […]

Manson Trial Jury Picks Slated Monday

LOS ANGELES, Jun. 13 – The murder conspiracy trial of Charles Manson will begin as scheduled Monday in Los Angeles despite apparent legal snarls surrounding the case, it was indicated late Friday. Defense attorneys said that Superior Court Judge Charles […]

Women Defendants Ejected for Refusal to Face Judge

LOS ANGELES, Jun. 12 – Three women defendants in the Tate-LaBianca murder case were ejected for a second time from court yesterday after they again refused to face a judge. Superior Court Judge Charles H. Older ordered them out of […]

Fighting Manson Ejected

LOS ANGELES, Jun. 12 – Hippie leader Charles Manson was carried screaming from the courtroom today after a fight erupted when the long-haired murder suspect refused to sit down. Manson, in two court appearances this week, had walked from the […]

Manson Fights Courtroom Bailiffs

LOS ANGELES, Jun. 12 – Charles Manson fought with three bailiffs trying to force him into his seat in a courtroom today, then was led shouting out of court along with three others charged with murder-conspiracy in the slayings of […]

Manson Ejected Second Time for Refusal to Face Judge in Hinman Murder Case

LOS ANGELES, Jun. 11 – Hippie cult leader Charles Manson was ejected from the courtroom for the second day in a row yesterday. This time it came during an argument on whether he should have a new attorney in the […]

Didn’t Coerce Key Witness, Woman Says

LOS ANGELES, Jun. 11 – A member of Charles Manson’s hippie clan yesterday denied under oath that she pressured a prosecution key witness to recant testimony that Robert Kenneth Beausoleil killed Gary Hinman. Beausoleil 22, also a member of the […]

Police Seek Manson Case Auto, Driver

LOS ANGELES, Jun. 11 – The Los Angeles Police Dept. has requested public assistance in locating anyone who reportedly gave three members of the Manson family rides to Spahn Ranch following the LaBianca slayings last summer. Grocery market owner Leno […]

Change of Mind in Hinman Testimony Tied to Conscience

LOS ANGELES, Jun. 10 – Mary Brunner, a prosecution witness in the murder trial of Robert K. Beausoleil signed an affidavit admitting perjury in testimony against him because “I couldn’t stand to be free and have the others in jail,” […]

Manson Says Court Has Shown Him No Respect

LOS ANGELES, Jun. 10 – “The court has showed no respect to me,” Charles Manson retorted Tuesday as he was removed from a courtroom after the hippie cult leader insisted on turning his back to the judge. Manson, in court […]

Key Witness Says She Lied in Murder Trial

LOS ANGELES, Jun. 10 – A key prosecution witness in the trial that convicted Robert Beausoleil of murdering musician Gary Hinman has signed an affidavit saying that she testified falsely and under pressure from authorities, the court has been told. […]

Prosecution Fights Manson In Motion for New Attorney

LOS ANGELES, Jun. 5 – The prosecution in the Gary Hinman murder case yesterday opposed a substitution of attorneys for cult leader Charles Manson. Superior Court Judge George M. Dell continued the substitution motion until June 10 when prosecutors will […]

Manson Loses Bid to Co-Counsel

LOS ANGELES, Jun. 2 – Hippie-tribe leader Charles M. Manson got a new lawyer Monday but again lost an effort to have a voice as a co-counsel in the Tate-LaBianca murder case. Los Angeles Superior Judge Charles H. Older approved […]

Judge Grants New Lawyer for Cult Leader Manson

LOS ANGELES, Jun. 2 – Cult leader Charles Manson yesterday won a new attorney to represent him in the Tate-LaBianca murder case. Superior Judge Charles H. Older, at Manson’s request, substituted Van Nuys attorney I. A. Kanarek for the defendant’s […]

New Attorney OKd for Manson

LOS ANGELES, Jun. 1 – Charles Manson got a new lawyer today after the attorney promised the judge he would he ready to begin trial in the Sharon Tate murder case on schedule June 15. Superior Court Judge Charles Older […]

Police Deny Report By Attorney

LOS ANGELES, May 29 – A defense lawyer for a member of the “Manson family” contends police have a confession from someone not connected with the hippie cult stating he killed actress Sharon Tate. Paul D. Fitzgerald, attorney for Patricia […]