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Manson’s New Pleas Are Heard

LOS ANGELES, May 27 – Motions to change attorneys, suppress evidence, and throw out the whole case against accused murder mastermind Charles Manson and three of his female followers were heard in Los Angeles Superior Court today in a confusing […]

Tate Slayer Suspect Watson Wins Delay, Separate Trial

LOS ANGELES, May 21 – Manson “family” member Charles (Tex) Watson apparently will not be tried with the other five defendants in the slaughter-killing of actress Sharon Tate and six others. Watson, who allegedly wielded the murder weapons — a […]

Manson Family Legal Troubles

LOS ANGELES, May 20 – A motion by cult leader Charles Manson to substitute attorneys in one of the eight slayings he is accused of masterminding was denied Tuesday in Superior Court. Manson asked Judge George M. Dell that attorneys […]

Manson Only Witness?

LOS ANGELES, May 19 – Charles Manson is expected to be the sole defense witness among those accused in the Sharon Tate murders, sources close to the bizarre case said today. The ego of the 35-year-old leader of a hippie […]

Drug Victim Identified

ALBUQUERQUE, NM, May 18 – Police today tentatively identified the man who died from an overdose of narcotics early Saturday as a 23-year-old mystic and practicer of black magic living in a hippy community at Cedar Crest. The man, who […]

Hearing Set for Manson, Susan Atkins

LOS ANGELES, May 17 – A Superior Court judge today had scheduled May 27 to hear defense motions designed to free accused Tate-Labianca murder defendants Charles Manson and Susan Atkins. Judge Charles H. Older will hear arguments on the motions […]

Beausoleil Is Denied Right to Act as Own Attorney

LOS ANGELES, May 14 – Robert Beausoleil, condemned to death for the murder of musician Gary Hinman, tried unsuccessfully to act as his own attorney so he could introduce “new evidence” into his case. Superior Judge William B. Keene denied […]

Beausoleil Asks For New Trial

LOS ANGELES, May 13 – Robert Beausoleil, a “Manson family” member convicted of one of eight slayings attributed by police to the hippie cult, has requested a new trial with claims he has “new evidence.” Beausoleil, 22, also sought unsuccessfully […]

Beach Boys Singer Splits With Wife

LOS ANGELES, May 8 – Beach Boys singer Dennis Wilson’s five-year marriage ended in divorce Thursday. His Benedict Canyon home, which he allegedly once shared with Charles Manson and his family, was ordered sold by Los Angeles Superior Court Commissioner […]

Texas Okays Tate Case Extradition

AUSTIN, Tex., May 7 – The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals yesterday upheld a lower court order sending Charles Denton Watson, 24, to California to stand trial on charges he helped murder actress Sharon Tate and six other persons last […]

Tate Case Defendant Charles Watson Asked to Stop Fighting Extradition from Texas

LOS ANGELES, Apr. 30 – Leslie van Houten appealed to Charles (Tex) Watson today to stop fighting extradition and agree to return to Los Angeles so that Manson family defendants could stand trial with “the strength of unity.” Watson, 24, […]

Judge Denies Manson Request

LOS ANGELES, Apr. 30 – Charles Manson, accused mastermind of eight slayings, as once again appealed to the court to allow him to defend himself because “it’s in my heart.” Stroking his heard and reaching inside his purple velvet embroidered […]

Atkins Girl Denied Plea Of Jeopardy

LOS ANGELES, Apr. 30 – A Los Angeles Superior Court judge refused Wednesday to allow Susan Atkins to enter a plea of “once in jeopardy” to murder-conspiracy charges stemming from the death of musician Gary Hinman. Judge George M. Dell […]

Manson Family Wants Watson to Return for Murder Trial

LOS ANGELES, Apr. 29 – Charles Manson and his followers want Charles D. (Tex) Watson to return to California and stand trial with other members of Manson’s hippie family for the Tate-LaBianca slayings, it was revealed Tuesday. In a letter […]

Manson ‘Kin’ Urged to Accept Trial

LOS ANGELES, Apr. 29 – A defendant in the Sharon Tate murder case appealed to Charles “Tex” Watson Tuesday to stop fighting extradition from Texas so the “Manson family” would stand trial with “the strength of unity.” Leslie Van Houten, […]

Warrant for Manson Cult ‘Kin’

LOS ANGELES, Apr. 28 – A federal warrant was issued Monday for the arrest of Bruce Davis, a member of the Manson “family” and a defendant in the murder of musician Gary Hinman. U.S District Court Judge Jesse W. Curtis […]

One Hinman Murder Indictment Against Atkins Will Be Dropped

LOS ANGELES, Apr. 24 – Complicated murder-conspiracy charges against hippie cult leader Charles Manson and Manson family member Susan Atkins are due for still another switch, the district attorney’s office said Thursday. Miss Atkins, 21, is charged in Santa Monica […]

Manson Accused of Saying He Cut Off Someone’s Ear

LOS ANGELES, Apr. 23 – Hippie clan leader Charles Manson told two people he cut a man’s ear off, according to a County Grand Jury transcript released yesterday. The transcript was a record of testimony taken during closed-door proceedings last […]

Court Assigns New Attorney for Manson

LOS ANGELES, Apr. 23 – Attorney Richard A. Walton was appointed yesterday to defend cult leader Charles Manson against murder and conspiracy charges stemming from the fatal stabbing of musician Gary Hinman. Superior Judge George M. Dell appointed the lawyer, […]

Tate Trial To Exclude 1 Defendant

LOS ANGELES, Apr. 22 – The attorney for Linda Kasabian, a young mother charged with murder-conspiracy in the slayings of actress Sharon Tate and six others, said yesterday she will not go to trial with five other defendants June 15. […]