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Did Sharon Tate Have a Premonition?

HOLLYWOOD, Sept. 2 – It was just a creepy story, when Sharon Tate told it to me early in 1966. But now, three years and five murders later, it has acquired something more than creepiness. She was a starlet then. […]

Sharon a ‘comer’ 30 long months

HOLLYWOOD, Aug. 31 — Publicity men relish nothing so much as a rags-to-riches theme and seldom overlook a chance to tie a client into the story of “instant stardom” or Cinderella-like adventures — such as being discovered (as in Lana […]

Men Linked In Tate Case Questioned

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 31 – Los Angeles Police had said yesterday that all four of the men wanted for questioning in connection with the Tate murders have been interviewed. The men, including two Canadians, once were described in a Royal […]

Polanskis Were at Center of a Rootless Way of Life

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 30 – A beautiful actress. A hair stylist who was a Hollywood socialite. A Polish émigré. A wealthy young Radcliffe graduate. Four lives whose twisted paths crossed on the night of Aug. 8. They – along with […]

A Tragic Trip to the House on the Hill

After a harrowing tour of his house, Director Roman Polanski sits on the bloodied porch, beside door where the killer scrawled “PIG” in blood. Now it was quiet, and the Sunday afternoon washed by the August sun. The police had […]

Tate, Others Killed By Paranoid – Capote

NEW YORK, Aug 28 – Author Truman Capote, whose book “In Cold Blood” detailed a savage multiple-murder in rural Kansas, suggests that “a very young, enraged paranoid” was responsible for the recent slayings of Sharon Tate and four others in […]

Tate Neighbor Heard Shots, Screams in Murder House About 2 in Morning

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 27 – The slaughter of actress Sharon Tate and four others at her secluded Benedict Canyon home took place at “2 or 2:30 – no earlier,” a neighbor who heard the shots and the screams of one […]

Polanski Caretaker Files Huge Claim Against City

VAN NUYS, Aug. 26 – The only apparent survivor of a mass murder in which blonde actress Sharon Tate was one of the victims filed a $1,250,000 false arrest claim against the city yesterday. William Garretson Jr., 19-year-old caretaker at […]

CRIME: The Tate Set

The bizarre murder of actress Sharon Tate and four others at Polish film director Roman Polanski’s secluded villa in the Hollywood hills confronted the Police with a fascinating whodunit. But nearly as enchanting as the mystery was the glimpse the […]

Fortune Left By Heiress

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 23 – Abigail Folger, the 26-year-old coffee heiress found slain in the unsolved Los Angeles mass murder two weeks ago at actress Sharon Tate’s house, left an estate of over $500,000. Her father, Peter Folger of Woodside, […]

Tate Case Victim ‘on a Trip’

HEIRESS AND FROKOWSKY: Abigail Folger and Voityck Frokowsky are pictured in New York last year in this snapshot taken by a friend. Frokowsky’s mother has told newsmen he loved Miss Folger but wouldn’t marry her “because she was rich” LOS […]

Slain Woman Had Estate Of $2 Million

LOS ANGELES, Aug 22 – An estate of about $2 million was left by a woman found slain with her husband under bizarre circumstances in their expensive home, court records showed Thursday in Los Angeles. Police have theorized the slayer […]

$2 Million Left by Slain Woman

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 22 – A 38-year-old woman, killed in a way that reminded police of the deaths of actress Sharon Tate and four other persons, left an estate of about $2 million. Rosemary La Bianca, and her husband Leno, […]

Court Name Executor for Sebring

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 21 – A special administrator had been named today to manage slain hairstylist Jay Sebring’s estate, believed to exceed $500,000. John Madden, executive vice president of Sebring Inc., was named administrator by Superior Judge Ben Koenig. Sebring, […]

Police Scan Tate Photos For Clues

Aug. 21 – Police are exploring the possibility that one victim of the Benedict Canyon mass murder may have photographed the killer or killers at some interval before the crime, it was learned Wednesday. Polish playboy Voityck Frokowsky, 37, a […]

Drugs Were Found at Site of Killing

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 20 – The police, breaking their silence in the murders of the actress Sharon Tate and four others, confirmed today that narcotics were found at the scene, but denied rumors that the victims had been sexually mutilated. […]

Murder House Bears Evidence of Massacre

Aug. 20 – At his press conference Tuesday, Roman Polanski suggested that newsmen “go see this ‘orgy place.’ You’ll see how innocent it is.” When newsmen sought to do so, a uniformed guard hired by the film director turned them […]

Polanski Denies Rumors On Party

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 19 – Roman Polanski, the film director, denied today reports that his hillside home had been the scene of a wild drug party on the night of Aug. 8, when his wife, Sharon Tate, the actress, and […]

Weeping Polanski Denies Slain Wife Used Narcotics

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 19 – Film director Roman Polanski today had paid a dramatic, tearful tribute to his wife, slain actress Sharon Tate, denying she used narcotics and describing her as a vulnerable woman who “couldn’t refuse any friendship.” In […]

Suspect Hunted in Tate Murders Quizzed, Freed

Aug. 19 – A man described in an all-points bulletin in Canada as a prime suspect in the Sharon Tate murder walked into Los Angeles police headquarters Monday, was questioned and then released. Thomas Michael Harrigan, 27, was freed after […]