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Attempt is Made on Life of Tate-LaBianca Witness

Ronnie Howard, a witness in the Tate-LaBianca murder trial, examines bullet hole in the wall of her Hollywood apartment yesterday. LOS ANGELES, Jul. 11 — A key prosecution witness in the Tate-LaBianca murder trial was the target of sniper gunfire

‘Tex’ Watson Murder Case Trial Delayed

LOS ANGELES, Jul. 9 — The trial of Charles “Tex” Watson, the fifth defendant in the Tate-LaBianca murder case, has been postponed until Aug. 2, it was learned yesterday. The trial had been scheduled for July 19. In another development,

‘Manson Family’ Children Reunited With Mother

LOS ANGELES, Jul. 8 — The four “Manson family children,” trained to hide in holes to prepare for the revolution, were back with their mother today, but it will be up to child welfare authorities in Northern California to decide

Manson ‘Juror’ Excused

Charles Manson models his new outfit. Silver swastikas rampant on a field of black. LOS ANGELES, Jun. 24 — A prospective juror in the second murder trial of Charles Manson was excused Wednesday when he traded verbal insults with the

Manson Girls Begin Protest ‘Walk’ On Knees

Five members of hippie-cult leader Charles Manson’s so-called family start a five-day trek from Hollywood’s Sunset Strip to the Hall of Justice in the Civic Center. The ten mile walk will be made on their knees “in witness to the

Manson Throws Button at Jurist

LOS ANGELES, Jun. 23 — Charles Manson irked when a judge accused him of making faces in court, ripped a button from his cuff Tuesday and tossed it at the jurist. The missile bounced harmlessly off the head of the

Bruce Davis Wins Stay in Shea-Hinman Death Trial

LOS ANGELES, Jun. 17 — The State Supreme Court yesterday stayed the prosecution of Bruce Davis for the Shea-Hinman murders. The stay does not affect proceedings against Davis’ co-defendants, Charles Manson 36, and Stephen Grogan, 20. However, Superior Court Judge

Manson, Prosecutor Have 90-Minute Private ‘Chat’

LOS ANGELES, Jun. 17 — The two principal courtroom antagonists in the Tate-LaBianca trial — Charles Manson and chief prosecutor Vincent T. Bugliosi — got together at the Hall of Justice for a quiet, 90-minute chat Monday. The story about

‘Tex’ Watson, Honor Student, Athlete: Accused Mass Killer’s Profile

LOS ANGELES, Jun. 13 — He was an honor student. He was an athlete whose high school record is still unbroken in the State of Texas. He was a scion of a pioneer ranching family. He was handsome; he was

Second Manson Trial: All Miniature

LOS ANGELES, Jun. 10 — The second murder trial of Charles Manson is all miniature in almost every way. The defendant, already under seven death sentences, is phyiscally shrunken. The courtroom is half the size of the one at the

Subpoena Attorneys Over Possible ‘Gag’ Violation

LOS ANGELES, Jun. 4 — Newsman William Farr admitted in court yesterday that “one or more attorneys” in the Tate-LaBianca trial were his sources of information for a controversial story which reported that the Manson family had planned to kill

Oust Manson 4 Times at Slaying Trial

LOS ANGELES, Jun. 3 — Charles Manson was ousted from the Shea-Hinman murder trial for the fourth time after he refused to stop yelling. Manson’s outburst came Tuesday during the first full day of jury selection in the trial at

Jury Selection Begins in 2nd Manson Murder Trial

LOS ANGELES, May. 30 — Jury selection has started in the second murder trial of Charles Manson amid defense predictions that it may take months to choose a panel. Manson and two members of his cult are charged with the

Bugliosi Tabs Manson ‘Most Satanic Man’

LOS ANGELES, May. 30 — Vincent T. Bugliosi, successful prosecutor in the Tate-LaBianca murder trial, said Thursday in Arcadia it was imperative to “clinically dissect” the personality of Charles Manson because such murders “could be a barometer of the hippie

‘Sexy Sadie’ Admits Guilt In Murder

LOS ANGELES, May. 28 — Susan Atkins pleaded guilty Thursday to killing musician Gary Alan Hinman nearly two years ago. Click here to read Susan Atkins’ plea hearing transcript The slender, Pale young woman, her head shaved, a faint “X”

Seek Delay In Hinman, Shea Trial

LOS ANGELES, May. 27 — The attorney for Bruce Davis, a defendant of the Hinman-Shea murders, said he will fly to San Francisco today to ask the State Supreme Court to delay the trial. Davis 27, condemned mass murder Charles

Manson Family Legal Fee Paid By DA

Q: I would like to know — where did the money come from to pay the lawyers who defended convicted murderers Charles Manson and the three girls? — E. C. Miller, Northampton, Mass. A: From the Los Angeles District Attorney’s

Orgies of Death

WITNESS TO EVIL: by George Bishop 431 pg., Toronto Copp Clark, $8.95 About the only thing Witness to Evil has going for it is speed…the speed with which it was published following the verdict in the Tate-LaBianca killings — the

Manson Clan Dismissal Plea Denied

LOS ANGELES, May. 18 — A judge has denied a defense motion that murder indictments against Charles Manson and three others be dismissed because people with hippie-type life styles like Manson are excluded from county grand juries. Manson, 36, and

Secrecy of Witness Considered

LOS ANGELES, May. 16 — A request by the prosecution to keep secret the identity of a key witness in the Shea-Hinman murder trial has been taken under submission by a Superior Court judge. Judge Raymond Choate is expected to