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No ‘Family’ Exists, Media Created It Manson Testifies

AFTER TESTIMONY – Charles Manson leaving courtroom where he appeared as a witness in behalf of Catherine (Gypsy) Share. Manson, wearing his hair cut short, is manacled hand and foot. LOS ANGELES, Feb. 27 – Charles Manson testified Monday that […]

The Manson Girls – Grisly Epilogue

STOCKTON, Calif., Nov. 19 — It is more than a year since he was sent to jail for life — the little man whose name has become a synonym for evil — Charles Manson. His loyal women followers, the ragged […]

MANSON CONFESSION; Tells of Order To Kill Hinman

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 11 – Cult leader Charles Manson today in court calmly admitted to a detective that he had struck musician Gary Hinman in the head with a sword, held a gun on him and then ordered his death. […]

5 Children Abandoned In Desert

Newsman looks into a tunnel at the end of a chicken coop where sheriff deputies found five children living. The five children are believed to be the children of Dennis Rice, former member of the Charles Manson “family”, hippie cult […]

Judge Rejects Printed Note’s Use as Evidence in Tate Trial

Rules Misspelled ‘Healter Skelter’ Inscription Found on Court Pad of Defendant and at Death Scene Lacks Value LOS ANGELES, Nov. 6 – The prosecution tried but failed Thursday to introduce evidence that Patricia Krenwinkel printed the inscription “Healter Skelter” as […]

Manson Visited Tate Residence, Witness Reveals

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 22 – Charles Manson visited Sharon Tate’s rented estate less than five months before she and four others were murdered there, the owner of the property testified Wednesday at the Tate-LaBianca trial.  Rudy Altobelli, who then lived […]

14 Major Fires Rage Out of Control

256 Homes Destroyed as Flames Burn 180,000 Acres LOS ANGELES, Sept. 27 – The worst series of brushfires in Southern California history — including four which joined in one blazing perimeter from Newhall to Malibu — burned out of control […]

Claimant of Gun in Manson Case Dies

Aug. 7 – Death has eliminated a prospective prosecution witness in the Tate-LaBianca murder trial — a movie stunt man who claimed ownership of the gun thought to have been used in the first night’s slaughter. Goateed, one-armed Joseph Randall, […]

Linda Only ‘Lied a Little,’ Miamian Says

Miami, Aug. 7 – A Miami woman said today she had been “scared” into testifying for the defense in the Sharon Tate murder trial. And, she said, she was never given a chance on the stand to explain her testimony […]

Sharon Tate’s Father Became a ‘Hippie’ to Hunt Murder Clues

PALOS VERDES, Dec. 4 – For four months actress Sharon Tate’s father masqueraded as a hippie trying to track down leads on the five senseless Benedict Canyon murders. Handsome, youthful appearing Paul J. Tate, 46, grew a moustache and beard […]

Wild Cult Blamed In Tate Slaying

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 2 – Police believe they have solved the Sharon Tate murder case and that an occult band of hippies, directed by a leader who calls himself “Jesus,” committed the five killings. Members of the band — a […]

Tate Case Arrest

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 1 – Two young women and a man, former Hollywood residents, today were named in warrants linking them with the Aug. 9 slayings here of actress Sharon Tate and four friends in her Benedict Canyon home. In […]

Eyeglasses Key Clue in Search for Tate Killer

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 24 – Police are seeking a nearsighted person with an unusually small, “volleyball-shaped” head as a suspect in the Tate murder case, it was learned Thursday. Detectives said they don’t know his name or anything else about […]

2 or 3 Assailants Involved in Tate Slaying, Noguchi Says

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 20 – Actress Sharon Tate and four others were shot and stabbed to death at her Benedict Canyon home by more than one person, possibly two or three, County Coroner Thomas T. Noguchi said Friday. Noguchi based […]

Friends of Slain Sharon Tate Offer Reward of $25,000

Sept. 4 – Friends of murdered actress Sharon Tate offered a $25,000 reward Wednesday for information about the crime in which she died. Posting of the reward was announced in London by actor Peter Sellers. He said he and several […]

The Blue Curtain Comes Down in Tate Massacre Case; Facts Remain Secret

Aug. 24 – There’s the Iron Curtain. Then there’s the Bamboo Curtain. And now there’s the Blue Curtain. The Blue Curtain is brand new — it is something that has come up between the newspapers and the Los Angeles Police […]

Frokowsky on Drug ‘Trip’ When He Was Slain, Friends Report

Aug. 22 – Voityck Frokowsky was in the midst of an experiment with mescaline when he and four other persons were slain early Aug. 9 at the home of Sharon Tate, it was learned Thursday. Friends said he planned to […]

Stars Attend Services for Slain Actress Sharon Tate

(LEFT) RITES FOR EL MONTE YOUTH – Friends carry the body of slain Steven Parent, 18, to a hearse outside the Church of the Nativity in El Monte. (CENTER) SISTER PRESENT – Patricia Tate, sister of the slain actress, attends […]

Caretaker Freed: Youth Cleared in Murders of 5

Aug. 12 – A slim youth who was the sole survivor of a rampage of homicide at a Benedict Canyon estate was released by police Monday. Officers said there was no evidence to implicate 19-year-old William E. Garretson in the […]