• Delay Case of 5 Manson Followers

Delay Case of 5 Manson Followers

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 17 – The case of five Charles Manson followers all accused of armed robbery in an abortive gun raid, yesterday was postponed until Monday to determine who will represent the defendants.

Superior Court judge Arthur L. Alarcon granted the delay after two of the defendants asked to be their own attorneys.

The postponement will also allow the public defender to determine if his lawyers can represent the other three defendants without a conflict of interest.

Mary Brunner, 27 and Catherine (Gypsy) Share, 26 have asked to defend themselves.

Larry Jones 22, Dennis Rice 32 and Kenneth Como 31 are represented by the public defender.

All five are charged in the gun raid-shootout last Aug. 21 at a Hawthorne surplus store. All but Rice also are accused in the Aug. 13 robbery of a Covina beer distributing firm.

The County Grand Jury has indicted Miss Brunner on a murder charge in the of musician Gary Hinman. She also was charged with perjury allegedly committed when she testified in court previously about Hinman’s slaying.

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