• Drug Used By Krenwinkel Common, Too Deadly To Name

Drug Used By Krenwinkel Common, Too Deadly To Name

MOBILE, Ala., Jun. 25 – A state toxicologist said Wednesday be detected a drug in the body of a half-sister of one of the defendants in the Sharon Tate mass slayings in California which he said was “so deadly and yet so common I won’t name it.”

Associate State Toxicologist Nelson Grubbs had made chemical test of Charlene Ann Lowell, 29, whose nude body was found floating in Halls Mill Creek in southwest Mobile Sunday.

Miss Lowell was the halt sister of Patricia Krenwinkel, 22, one of five persons charged in the slayings of actress Sharon Tate and four house guests at Los Angeles last August.

Coroner Earl B. Wert said Tuesday night that Miss Lowell died of an overdose of an undetermined drug and ethyl alcohol.

Grubbs told newsmen he might name the drug later but not until this thing quiets.

“This drug can be obtained over the counter, and I’m afraid some experimenter might try it and kill himself,” the toxicologist said.

Wert had ruled out drowning because there was no water in Miss Lowell’s lungs.

The body was found by a companion, Benny F. Mosley, 26, and her uncle, William Reeves, who lives near the creek.

Officers quoted Mosely saying he and Miss Lowell drove to the creek to swim Saturday night. He told police they drank heavily and swam together .

Mosley said he returned to the car, fell asleep and found Miss Lowell missing when he awoke at dawn.

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