• Drugs Were Found at Site of Killing



Drugs Were Found at Site of Killing

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 20 – The police, breaking their silence in the murders of the actress Sharon Tate and four others, confirmed today that narcotics were found at the scene, but denied rumors that the victims had been sexually mutilated.

A spokensman said that because of the many rumors in the case, the police felt “compelled to comment on them in the interest of accuracy.”

“None of the bodies had wounds involving the sex organs,” the statement said.

“Narcotics were found on the premises.”

There have been persistent rumors that the bodies of Miss Tate and one of the other victims, Jay Sebring, hair stylist, were mutilated.

Friends of the victims said the police apparently think one of the victims, Voityck Frykowsky, an amateur photographer, may have photographed the killer or killers sometime before the slayings.

They confiscated all his negatives, and friends of the victims have been asked to identify persons in the prints. Some of the pictures were taken at the Tate home, where the slayings occurred.

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