• Ex-Manson Aides Held Sane; Face Sentencing



Ex-Manson Aides Held Sane; Face Sentencing

LOS ANGELES, Mar. 2 – Four members of the clan that once followed Charles Manson have been ruled sane and will be subject to prison sentences.

A jury made the decision in the sanity phase of a trial for Kenneth Como, 30; Lawrence Bailey, 23; Mary Brunner, 29, and Catherine (Gypsy) Share 30.

All had been convicted earIier of robbing a Hawthorne store and Covina beer firm.

The prosecution contended money and weapons taken during the robberies was to be used to free Manson from prison.

The jury found the four sane under the N’Naghten rule which tays a person is legally sane if he can distinguish right from wrong.

Defense attorney Howard Weitzman indicated would appeal, saying, “By medical standards these people are mentally diseased. And I think this well may be the perfect case which will bring about a review of that rule.”

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