• Hinman Stabbing: Murder Trial Challenge Loses

Hinman Stabbing: Murder Trial Challenge Loses

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 16 – A motion to dismiss a murder charge against Robert K. Beausoleil, a former member of the hippie cult implicated in the Tate-LaBianca slayings, was denied Thursday in Superior Court.

Beausoleil, 21, is accused of the murder of musician Gary Hinman, 34, who was stabbed to death July 23 in his Topanga Canyon home. He has not been charged in the Sharon Tate or LaBianca cases.

Beausoleil returned to court today on another motion, this time for a change of venue from Los Angeles County because of publicity in the Tate case.

Also charged in the Hinman case is Susan Denise Atkins, 21, a member of the “Manson Family” tribe who turned state’s witness before a grand jury and accused clan members of the seven murders in the Tate and LaBianca cases.

Miss Atkins trial in the Hinman case has been set for March 11. She also is charged with seven counts of murder in the Tate-LaBianca killings.

Judge William B. Keene rejected a motion by the public defender that the charge against Beausoleil be dismissed because the prosecution had failed to prove its case and a second trial would subject him to “double jeopardy.”

Beausoleil was connected with the Manson cult by a witness at his first trial. He is said to have been among those who stayed at an old ranch with the hippie clan last summer.

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