• Hippie Cult Figure Found In Film Scene

Hippie Cult Figure Found In Film Scene

INDEPENDENCE, Calif., Feb. 4 – One of the minor figures in the Charles Manson hippie cult case is back in Inyo County jail, awaiting court action on a charge of receiving stolen goods.

He was Bruce McGregor Davis, transported from Los Angeles County following his arrest at the Spahn movie ranch last week. Davis was among the 25 persons arrested during the Oct. 10 and 12 raids at the Barker and Myers ranches in Death Valley National Monument.

He was originally charged with the same offense, receiving stolen goods, but was released because of insufficient evidence.

Further investigation into the Manson case turned up evidence which, said the Inyo district attorney’s office, gave the county sufficient grounds to prosecute. A warrant was issued by Southern Inyo Justice Court for Davis’ arrest, but his whereabouts were unknown at the time.

Within the past week, however, Davis was spotted on television when he showed up in a background report filmed at the Spahn ranch — original home of the Manson cult. Before the film crews had left the ranch, law officers arrived to make the arrest.

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