• Hunt Fails for Cult ‘Victim’

Hunt Fails for Cult ‘Victim’

CHATSWORTH, Jan. 7 – A three-day search for the remains of missing cowboy-stuntman Donald O’Shea at a movie ranch northwest of the San Fernando Valley ended fruitlessly Tuesday.

O’Shea, feared slain at the hands of the Charles Manson hippie cult that for a time resided at the Spahn Ranch, disappeared several months ago following an argument with the hypnotic, long-haired clan leader, a ranch hand had reported.

Sheriff’s deputies and Los Angeles police, using bulldozers borrowed from the county flood control district, had unearthed giant boulders from a gully believed to be the site of O’Shea’s makeshift grave.

Ruby Pearl, manager of the ranch, told newsmen she had been informed an unoccupied grave had been found which was believed to have once contained O’Shea’s body.

Officials denied her report and also refused to say who gave them the tip on the “grave’s” location. Detectives said they had dug up several possible grave sites, the last about a mile from the ranch house last occupied by Manson cult.

The search was called off at sundown Tuesday.


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