• Indictments Expected Today



Indictments Expected Today

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 8 – Seven members of the mystic hippie “family” linked with the savage Sharon Tate killing and seven other slayings were expected to be indicted today at the conclusion of county grand jury deliberations.

Deputy District Attorneys Aaron H. Stovitz and Vincent T. Bugliosi reported they will seek an eight-count indictment charging seven members of the pseudo-religious cult led by Charles Manson with conspiracy and murder.

A dozen witnesses were to testify at today’s secret hearing but it was believed most of the evidence against the suspects already had been supplied by attractive Susan Atkins, 21, a member of “The Manson Family.”

Three of the witnesses to he called were said to be fingerprint experts. Authorities have indicated one of the suspects specifically charged, Charles D. Watson, 24, who is being held in Texas, allegedly left a fingerprint at the Tate home.

Another Witness scheduled to be called was Daniel DeCarlo, a former motorcycle gang leader who recently testified in a murder trial in Santa Monica. He testified Manson directed the slaying in July of musician Gary Hinman. DeCarlo reportedly lived for a short time with Manson and his “family.”

Miss Atkins, also known as Sadie Glutz, testified for two hours and 15 minutes Friday, telling of her relationship with the 35-year-old Manson and others in his group who are accused slayers of Miss Tate and seven other persons.

Her lawyer, Richard Caballero, said although Manson is in jail in Independence, Calif., pending action to bring him here, Miss Atkins fears he could “conjure up a vision detrimental to her in his mind then transfer it to her mind and then she would be marked.”

In San Jose Sunday, Miss Atkins’ father said he doesn’t believe her story that she was under “hypnotic influence” during the Tate murders.

“I don’t believe her story now,” her father said. “I think she is just trying to talk her way out of it. She’s sick and she needs help.”

Terry Melcher, son of Doris Day, was one of those who has appeared at the hearing. Melcher had previously occupied the Benedict Canyon estate where Miss Tate and four other persons were slain Aug. 9.


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