• Inyo County Official Cited for Work in Tate Case

Inyo County Official Cited for Work in Tate Case

INDEPENDENCE, Calif., Jan. 1 – Dist. Atty. Frank Fowles of Inyo County made an important contribution to the solution of the Sharon Tate murder case, the county board of supervisors was told this week by the Los Angeles prosecutor who is handling the trials.

Deputy Dist Atty. Vincent T. Bugliosi, who is prosecuting cult leader Charles Manson and some of his followers, in connection with the Tate murders, said in a letter that the cooperation received from Inyo County was an important factor in bringing the defendants to trial.

Manson and about 25 members of his “family” were arrested in raids or their hideout in Goler Wash, and were held in the Inyo County jail while Los Angeles officers carried on investigations which led to the indictment of Manson and several others.

Fowles filed various charges against about half of those taken in the raids, but released them to Los Angeles County after the grand jury indictments were returned there.

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