• Judge Grants New Lawyer for Cult Leader Manson

Judge Grants New Lawyer for Cult Leader Manson

LOS ANGELES, Jun. 2 – Cult leader Charles Manson yesterday won a new attorney to represent him in the Tate-LaBianca murder case.

Superior Judge Charles H. Older, at Manson’s request, substituted Van Nuys attorney I. A. Kanarek for the defendant’s previous lawyer, Ronald Hughes.

Judge Older also scheduled June 10 for a motion by Kanarek that a psychiatrist be appointed to examine one of Manson’s co-defendants, Mrs. Linda Kasabian 20.

Manson’s trial is now scheduled for June 15. Three other defendants also are to stand trial on that date.

Charles “Tex” Watson 24, also accused of the murders, is still fighting extradition from Texas to California.

After yesterday’s proceedings, Dep. Dist. Atty. Aaron Stovitz said he foresaw a “great many delays” in the case.

Stovitz said the matter probably would not go to trial on June 15.

Kanarek, in the motion for psychiatric examination or Mrs. Kasabian, claimed her use of LSD and other drugs “has rendered her psychotic, paranoid and incapable of distinguishing fact from fantasy…”

He claimed Mrs. Kasabian is “incompetent and incapable of giving credible testimony.”

After the substitution of attorneys, Kanarek asked that Manson be allowed to be associate counsel with him.

However, after a 30-minute discussion among Judge Older, the defendants and their attorneys, the motion was denied.

Kanarek claimed he would be ready for trial June 15.

But he said if the judge grants the motion for a psychiatric examination of Mrs. Kasabian, “there may be no need for trial.

“If she is examined, I think the case could be dismissed forthwith,” he added.

Before Judge Older allowed Kanarek to be Manson’s new attorney, he asked the defendant if he wanted the lawyer.

Manson said he still wanted to act as his own attorney, but if he is “forced,” he would take Kanarek.

Judge Older told Kanarek the substitution was not a court appointment, whereby the lawyer would be paid from county funds.

Kanarek’s fee, he said, “is a private arrangement between you and Mr. Manson.”

Manson 35, already has declared he does not have funds for an attorney.

Other defendants present in court were Susan Atkins 21, Patricia Krenwinkel 22, and Leslie Van Houten 19.

Manson, Miss Atkins and another member of the hippie cult, Bruce Davis 27, also are charged with the July murder of musician Gary Hinman. Hinman was stabbed to death about two weeks before actress Sharon Tate and six others were slain.

Davis is still at large.

Manson and Miss Atkins are scheduled to appear before Superior judge George M. Dell Thursday for another motion on substitution of attorneys.

Attorney Richard Walton now represents Manson in the Hinman case, but the defendant is expected to ask that Kanarek represent him in that matter also.

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