• Judge Ousts Manson After 3 Outbursts

Judge Ousts Manson After 3 Outbursts

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 6 — Charles Manson was ousted from his second murder trial again yesterday shortly after he looked at a mannequin of one of his alleged victims and remarked, “Now we’ve got two judges.”

Manson 36, is on trial over the slayings in 1969 of stuntman Donald “Shorty” Shea, whose body has never been found, and of musician Gary Hinman.

Manson’s outbursts began when Dep. Dist. Atty. Anthony C. Manzella introduced into evidence the mannequin representing Hinman and showing the knife wounds suffered by the victim.

When he caught sight of the mannequin, Manson made the comment about “two judges.”

Superior Court Judge Raymond Choate, presiding over the trial, let Manson’s remark pass.

Then Dr. David Katsuyama, deputy county coroner, who performed the autopsy on Hinman’s body, testified that a gash across Hinman’s left cheek and ear would have been fatal if not treated. (Hinman also was stabbed in the chest.)

Dr. Katsuyama said the cheek gash could have been caused by a sword, which the prosecution claims was wielded by Manson.

At this point in the testimony, Manson commented, “Yeah, it could have been caused by a razor blade, too.”

Judge Choate warned Manson that he would be ousted from the courtroom if he made one more outburst, but the cult leader continued to mutter aloud.

The Judge ordered Manson into a lockup adjacent to the courtroom.

Before he was removed by a bailiff, Manson held up an index finger to jurors and told them, “Remember it’s all one-sided.”

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