• Judge Reduces Sandra Good’s Bail to $20,000

Judge Reduces Sandra Good’s Bail to $20,000

SACRAMENTO, Jan. 7 – A federal judge Tuesday reduced bail from $50,000 to $20,000 for Manson cultist Sandra Good, the former roommate of Lynette Fromme, accused of conspiring to mail death threats to corporate and government officials.

Good, 31, did not indicate whether she could meet the reduced bail.

U.S. Dist Judge Philip C. Wilkins noted that Good, a member of the Charles Manson clan, jumped bail once before.

“There is a possibility that Miss Good, who is so firmly dedicated, might leave the community to be near Mr. Manson or Miss Fromme and therefore fail to appear for the trial,” Wilkins said.

But the judge ordered defendant Susan Murphy, 33, a Manson cult associate and admitted alcoholic, freed on a $15,000 personal bond.

Good, wearing a sky blue pantsuit, and with a scarf on her head, offered to write to the imprisoned Manson and promise not to jump bail.

“If I lied to him I would be in fear of my life,” she told the judge.

But Asst. U.S. Atty. Bruce Babcock urged Wilkins not to reduce the bail, saying there was an “aura of violence” surrounding the case.

Citing the charge against the two women, Wilkins observed: ‘There has not even been an attempted denial that they ever acted in this regard. In fact, it seems to be their mission.”

Good’s landlord, Jesse Fain, who rented the $100-a-month attic apartment to Fromme and Good, told the judge that if he released Good she could live again at the apartment.

The next court appearance for the two defendants is scheduled for Friday before U.S. Dist. Judge Thomas J. MacBride, who presided at the trial of would-be presidential assassin Fromme.

Good briefly argued against appearing before MacBride. “Isn’t that prejudicial?” she asked.

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