• Last Rites Held For Sharon Tate



Last Rites Held For Sharon Tate

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 14 – International movie stars and jet setters have said their last good byes to beautiful blonde actress Sharon Tate and internationally known hairdresser Jay Sebring, killed with three others in a mass murder.

“Goodbye, Sharon, and may the angels welcome you to heaven and the martyrs guide your way,” entoned the Rev. Peter O’Reilly at the funeral service Wednesday for Miss Tate.

Peter Sellers, Yul Brynner and Warren Beatty flew from London to attend the funeral along with Hollywood actors Kirk Douglas, James Coburn and Stuart Whitman.

Roman Polanski, Miss Tate’s film director husband, attended the service for his wife in the morning, then joined Steve McQueen and Paul Newman at Sebring’s afternoon funeral.

Miss Tate, 26, and Sebring, 35, her former boyfriend, were killed with coffee heiress Abigail Folger, 26, screenwriter Voityck Frokowsky, 37, and Steven Parent, 18, a friend of a caretaker at Miss Tate’s rented mansion in swanky Bel Air.

The slaughter was termed “ritualistic” by officers who found the bodies Saturday morning. Sebring had a hood over his head and a rope tied loosely around his neck. The rope was looped over a ceiling beam and around the actress. The word “PIG” was scrawled on the door in what officers believed was the victims’ blood. They had been shot of stabbed.

Police denied reports that evidence of weird sex rites had been found in Miss Tate’s home. Officers were investigating whether one of the victims had a connection with marijuana and pills.

Clues in the case remained lacking or undisclosed, however. There were no police bulletins out for arrests, and no progress report was given on the results of the investigation by a 19-man detective team.

Miss Tate rocketed to stardom in the past year in comedy roles and in the sex drama “Valley of the Dolls” in which she played a wide-eyed beauty in something of the Marilyn Monroe tradition.

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