• Linda Admits $5,000 Theft

Linda Admits $5,000 Theft

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 12 – Linda Kasabian admitted today that she stole $5,000 from a friend and took it with her when she went to the Spahn Ranch and joined the “Manson Family.”

The 21-year-old key witness for the prosecution, under cross examination by defense lawyer Irving Kanarek said that the money had been inherited by Charles Melton with whom she and her husband were living.

Kanarek asked the witness if she had not actually gone to the ranch and asked Charles Manson to hide her in the hills because she feared the wrath of Melton and her husband, Robert Kasabian

She had testified earlier that the three of them had planned to use the money to go to South America, buy a boat and sail around the world.

“I’m not sure that I asked him to hide me,” she said.

“But your purpose was to get yourself hidden because you feared Mr. Melton and your husband?” Kanarek asked.

“I guess so,” she replied.

Kanarek asked her if she ever had become ill from taking drugs.

“Physically sick? Yes.”

At one point Kanarek slipped and called her “Mrs. Manson.”

“It’s Mrs. Kasabian,” she corrected him.

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