• Linda Calls Self ‘Emissary of God’ to Expose Manson

Linda Calls Self ‘Emissary of God’ to Expose Manson

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 17 – Linda Kasabian testified today in the Tate-LaBianca murder case that she is an “emissary from God” whose mission is to tell what Charles Manson really is — “a devil…a false prophet.”

On the witness stand for the 16th day, the pigtailed ex-member of Manson’s “family” testified under cross-examination that she had a “vision” when she saw one of the bleeding, dying victims at the home of actress Sharon Tate.

“All of sudden I saw this man’s eyes and I realized what Charles Manson was doing — he was leading me to self-destruction.”

It was during a vision which she described as “just thoughts — but very strong thoughts,” that she felt that “he (Manson) was the Devil.”

Admitting that she had had similar visions while under the influence of LSD she said Manson appeared in the Tate house vision along with others. But she could not say who the other “others” were except to add: “They were him and he was they—that was their thing.”

Mrs. Kasabian, under questioning by defense attorney Ronald Hughes in a crowded Los Angeles superior courtroom, said the visions were of “supernatural origin,” adding: “I feel I am an emissary from God…In my heart I feel it.”

“You’re an emissary to bring the wrath of God against this false prophet Charles Manson?” Hughes shouted. “To see the Devil gets justice?”

“That’s not up to me to do,” the girl answered calmly.

“You feel you were sent from God and your mission is to tell what Charles Manson really is?” the attorney asked.

“Yes, that’s what I feel in my heart.”

Mrs. Kasabian, who is expected to conclude her marathon testimony today, said she considered Manson a “false prophet — a person who prophesies false beliefs and delusions, and puts in confusion and lies with a little bit of the truth.”

Although she said she considered Manson the “Devil,” she admitted she has met “others along the way, but not many.”

Under questioning, the girl said she went along on the second night of killings knowing that Manson was not Jesus Christ as she thought before.

Although she was disenchanted with Manson, she admitted she was “very much enchanted” when they walked along the beach hand in hand as Leno LaBianca and his wife, Rosemary, were being killed.

She said she knew the killings were going on at the Los Feliz area LaBianca home but did not mention it to police as she and Manson walked near the beach.

“I feel if I could have told, I would have,” she said, “so I guess I couldn’t.”

“Aren’t you painting Charles Manson as the devil in order to blame him for the $5,000 you stole from Charles Melton?” Hughes asked.

“That has nothing to do with this,” she answered, laughing. (Melton was Mrs. Kasabian’s husband’s best friend.)

“Aren’t you blaming him (Manson) for abandoning your child, stealing a car and running off with under-aged boys?”

“I can’t put that guilt on him. That’s on my own soul,” she answered.

Hughes is the last of four defense attorneys to question the girl.

On trial wilh Manson for the seven killings are Susan Atkins, Patricia Krenwinkel and Leslie Van Houten.


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