• Los Angeles Police Search For Killers’ Bloody Clothing



Los Angeles Police Search For Killers’ Bloody Clothing

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 15 – Two dozen policemen accompanied by Susan Atkins, a suspect-turned-informer in the seven Sharon Tate – LaBianca slayings, scoured the Hollywood hills Sunday.

They reportedly searched for the bloody clothing discarded by the killers involved in the Tate massacre.

Authorities maintained strictest secrecy about the purpose of the search but they did reveal a rusty .38-caliber pistol was found. However, police would not comment whether the gun had any connection with the case.

A spokesman at the Brand Institute where Miss Atkins, 21, is being held, conceded the girl was released to officers and that she was involved in the search. A court order signed Friday provided for the girl’s removal from the prison for eight hours.

Police also used a helicopter in their search, which lasted six hours and included 80 Explorer scouts.

“All I can say is that we are searching on the ground and in the air and it’s in connection with the Sharon Tate case,” Police Lt. Robert Helder said. He would not comment on what investigators were seeking, citing a court order banning comment on the case, but it was believed investigators sought bloodied clothing Miss Atkins said the gang threw away the night of the Tate slayings Aug. 9.

Miss Atkins, who is charged with seven counts of murder in the slayings of five persons at actress Sharon Tate’s home and the killings of supermarket owner Leno LaBianca and his wife the following night, will enter a plea Tuesday.

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2 Responses to Los Angeles Police Search For Killers’ Bloody Clothing

  1. George Vreeland Hill says:

    I live near where the Tate killings took place.
    The whole thing is a shame to this day.

    George Vreeland Hill

  2. George L. says:

    I was one of the Explorer Scouts that day. I sat in the front seat of the Police bus directly across from Susan Atkins (to and from the hills we searched). She was handcuffed in place.

    We stared at each other without talking. I wondered at that time why a beautiful girl like her could do what she did. I think it was Sgt. Russell who was our leader. Anyone else remember?

    I remember the gun being found by one of the other people on the steep hillsides off to the south face.

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