• ‘Love Babies,’ Not Manson, Called Leaders by Witness

‘Love Babies,’ Not Manson, Called Leaders by Witness

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 6 – “Love babies” and an 83-year-old blind man lead the “family” in the daily activities, not Charles Manson, a member of the clan testified Friday as the penalty phase of the Tate- LaBianca murder trial continued in Los Angeles Superior Court.

“All Charlie did was take care of, the horses …and clean the manure out of the barn…and fix the plumbing…and make love,” 26-year-old Sandra Good told the jury trying to decide whether Manson and three of his girls will live or die for the killings.

The young blonde, who has been living on the corner outside the Los Angeles Hall of Justice since the trial began, said that the “Family” followed the babies born to we girls and took orders from George Spahn, the owner of the ranch they called home.

“If the babies wanted to move, we moved,” she said. “We followed the babies…they’re the true love. We’ve got a lot of babies – as many as we can have.”

Then, on request of Manson’s attorney, Irving Kanarek, she tried to name the babies and their parents, but found it difficult.

“There’s Pooh Bear or Sunstone Hawk – that’s Mary Brunner’s baby. I don’t really know who the father is – they’re their own fathers. And, after all, it really doesn’t matter who planted the seed, does it?

“Then there’s ZeeZo, he’s Sadie’s, and then Gypsy just had a baby, named Phoenix. My baby’s name is Chosen, but we call him Elf. And Sherri has a baby and Ella has one…”

As far as orders around the ranch, she said, it wasn’t Manson who gave them, it was Spahn.

“If George wanted something done we’d do it – we’d cook, or dig ditches for pipes. Things like that.”

Both Miss Good, and a fellow family member who followed her to the stand – Catherine Share – spoke highly of Manson, but had little good to say about Linda Kasabian, the star prosecution witness.

Miss Good described a scene in which she and Mrs. Kasabian, who was granted immunity for her testimony, had hitchhiked a ride with a stranger. Mrs. Kasabian wanted the driver to speed up and he refused, she said.

“If I had a gun, I’d shoot you,” Mrs. Kasabian was quoted as saying.

Miss Share, who said she was born in France and later adopted and brought to the United States, claimed it was she who first introduced Mrs. Kasabian to “family” life.

“We met in Topanga Canyon. She was saying how unhappy she was with her old man. I found out later it was her husband. She wondered why I was so happy, and I said it was i because I lived with some beautiful people. So she wanted to come along.”

Miss Share, who gave birth to a boy while in jail last month charged with attempting to murder prosecution witness. She said Mrs. Kasabian took LSD while at the ranch something the woman had denied while on the witness stand.

Miss Share, the eighth defense witness in the penalty phase of the marathon trial.


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